Tips for Renovating your Bathroom

11 Nov

Tips for Renovating your Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most used room in the house.  It seldom needs to be renovated, but when the need arises, it is important to consider certain factors.

First, you need to be clear on why you’re renovating your bathroom. Are you simply wanting to add or repair certain fixtures or are you changing its entire look? Establishing this will help you to estimate how much the project will cost and whether or not you are willing and able to afford it.

Another factor to bear in mind is the functionality of a renovation.  Since the bathroom is used so frequently,  it would be wise to consider how long the project would take to complete.  Would having your bathroom out of commission be something that would force you to have to stay somewhere else while it is being renovated or do you have additional bathrooms you could use in the meantime?  If you must stay somewhere else, that may result in additional expenses, which you will need to factor into your budget.

You also need to decide if you need to hire someone or you can do the job yourself.  If you want to do the renovation yourself, be sure you are knowledgeable on how to complete the tasks that will be involved.  You don’t want to cause costly mistakes that you will have to call in a professional to fix or redo.  This is especially true for plumbing issues.

When you’re done considering all of these things, you can then start planning the details of your renovation.  Do any fixtures need repair?  Do you need to replace your bathtub or toilet?  Are you going to use a shower door or curtain?  What kind of flooring are you going to use?

As with any other renovation, a bathroom renovation should be carefully planned to ensure that it will be done properly and give you your money’s worth. Renovations can be very exciting, so just be sure you prioritize the most important factors first, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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