Ensuring the Isolation of Germs while Sickness is Present in your Household

2 Jan

Ensuring the Isolation of Germs while Sickness is Present in your Household

We all pity those in the family who are suffering from the flu, colds or any kind of sickness. We feel sympathetic when we see them lying in bed, trying to fight the sickness in their body. However, one of the most anxious feelings we can undergo in this situation is the possibility of contracting the same virus.

Germs and bacteria spread quickly around the house when someone is sick. It is all too common for family members to display symptoms of illness when a loved one falls prey to sickness.  The best way to ensure good health is to stop the spread of germs before it can start infecting everyone in the house.

What do you need to do when someone is sick inside your home?

    •    Use a reliable disinfectant. Disinfectant always kills most of the germs that may come in contact with your body. Start by disinfecting your telephones, door knobs and other areas where the sick family member may have come in contact with. You can also wipe counters clean as well as tables and chairs.
•    Wash your hands. This is especially important for someone who is carrying the sickness. Wash your hands so germs will be unable to spread. Try to wash before and after caring for the sick and preparing food.

    •    Separate your belongings from those of your sick family members. Whatever they are using may be contaminated. These can easily spread out towards the things you use, such as toothbrush, spoons, combs and towels. As much as possible, keep these objects separate from each-other for the meantime.

    •    Clean the house every day. This will help you control the spread of germs, especially if you thoroughly clean the house. Clean the bathrooms and kitchen, ensuring these areas are not moist, as germs grow quickly in damp places.

    •    Change the beddings regularly. Change bedsheets and pillowcases, especially those that are used by your sick family member. Then, wash them immediately in a hot water cycle to kill of the germs.

    •    Do not put your hands on your eyes, mouth or nose. These areas of the body are entryways of germs. Use a towel instead to wipe these areas clean.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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