Bamboo Fencing for Your Backyard

6 Jan

Bamboo Fencing for Your Backyard

One of the most unique and durable types of fencing materials is bamboo. It offers homeowners versatile fencing solutions for everything from a temporary fence to a permanently enclosed space. Bamboo fences are also very hard-wearing. You can expect them to last up to 20 years as long as the panels are not placed on the ground. After bamboo shoots are harvested for use, they are dried, cured, and coated with a natural wax that prevents damage from water or mildew. With bamboo fencing, you can choose from a huge variety of colors and designs and let your creativity flow.

Bamboo fencing can come in either rolls or panels, each of which is fastened by durable, stainless steel galvanized wire. Split bamboo fencing is another style. Fencing is made out of the outer surface of the bamboo cane tied together with wire. If you already have a pre-installed chain-link fence in place, it is easy to install a rolled bamboo fence on top of it. Just wrap the bamboo roll on the pre-existing fence and attach the bamboo with a durable galvanized wire at regular intervals.

You can also opt to install a stand-alone bamboo fence. This requires heavy-duty wooden poles to provide a vertical framework along which the bamboo pieces are placed. When using cut bamboo as a fencing material, always remember to keep it a few inches off the ground because it rots quickly if it comes into contact the ground’s moisture.

It is important to invest in a bamboo saw, so that you can ensure a nice, even cut with no jagged edges during installation. Sharp wire-cutters can also be used for bamboo rolls. And, like any other natural product, bamboo fencing needs to be treated to avoid decay and weathering. Apple a thin coat of UV resistant stain to your bamboo fencing to protect it against the weathering effects of your climate.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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