How to Design a Baby Nursery

3 Feb

How to Design a Baby Nursery

Having a baby or expecting a newborn brings happiness and joy to everyone in the family. One of the first things that a new parent should consider is how they are going to set up and decorate the baby’s nursery.  The baby’s room provides a sense of belonging to the child and also ensures their safety and comfort.

Decorating a nursery is fun because you get to create a wonderful and carefree place for your child, while simultaneously getting to explore creative ideas you wouldn’t be able to use in other parts of the house. Here are some important things you should keep in mind when decorating your child’s nursery:

  1. Consider your budget. It is easy to go way over your budget when it comes to decorating a nursery because there are so many cute baby items available and it is easy to get lured in. Focus on buying things that are functional first rather than initially spending your money on things like rugs and curtains. Those things are great, but you need to be sure you’ve covered the basics first because a nursery isn’t going to be able to serve its purpose it is full of cute decor but is missing  a crib.
  2. Consider the gender of the baby. This will influence the color scheme to be used in the room. If you want to decorate the room early, opt for neutral colors on the walls and wait to purchase decorative accessories. Painting the room early is actually a good idea because you can ensure that any toxic fumes have time to leave the room.
  3. Choose a theme. Decide on a theme so you will have a framework within which to work. Choose something happy and imaginative so the nursery can be a fun place for your child.
  4. Decorate your walls. This can be fun because there are so many nursery wall decor ideas to go with just about any baby room theme you can imagine.  Just don’t overdo it. A little wall art or a mural on one wall is sufficient. Also consider wall decor ideas that can be easily updated as your child grows, such as peel and stick mural stickers.
  5. Make sure the room will be functional and practical. Although you want a visually pleasing nursery, make sure it is practical above all. Finding furniture and baby items that you will actually use are the keys to functional and successful room.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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