Preparation Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets

13 Feb

Preparation Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Newly installed cabinets can breathe fresh life into any kitchen. Installing your own kitchen cabinets may not seem like too difficult of a task to accomplish; however, you must have certain tools and knowledge in order to do it. You also must be sure you prepare the space well in order to ensure the results are satisfactory.

Here are some tips to help you when installing your own kitchen cabinets:

  1. Gather the right tools. This is critical to your installation success. Be sure you have a 4-foot level, power drill, stud finder, pencil, and tape measure. Check with your local home improvement store for other tool recommendations.
  2. Take precise measurements of the cabinets and the spot where they will be installed. With your pencil, draw lines directly onto the wall exactly where you will be installing  each cabinet such as the area where the top of the cabinets will be and where they will line up on the bottom.
  3. Use your stud-finder to find your wall studs for anchoring weight. Kitchen cabinets store a lot of weight from canned goods, dishes, and other items that can tear a cabinet from the wall if it is not firmly anchored to a supportive stud. Once you have found the studs, plot out your screw pattern.
  4. Choose your cabinet material. This will influence the final finish of your cabinets and determine the cost of the installation project. There are so many different material options available.  If you are on a budget, opt for woods like oak and maple.
  5. Spackle any existing holes left by your former kitchen cabinets with a quality spackle before you begin to drill new holes into your kitchen wall. Look for pink spackle varieties that turn white when they are dry, so you know everything has set properly before you proceed.

Installing your kitchen cabinets yourself can save yourself thousands of dollars that you can use toward other upgrades in your home. Educate yourself, obtain the right tools, and get to work!

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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