Tips for Furnishing a Sunroom

10 Mar

Tips for Furnishing a Sunroom

A sun room provides a wonderful place to relax in comfort while enjoying a great view and the natural light of the outdoors. Adding a sunroom to your home can add to its value and also make it more appealing to buyers if you ever decide to sell it.

Here are some tips that will help you as you design and decorate your relaxing space:

  1. There are plenty of materials you can consider when it comes to furniture for a sunroom. You can opt for wrought iron furniture or certain types of wood such as bamboo, oak, and mahogany. Rattan and wicker furniture are great choices as well. Avoid purchasing furniture that may easily fade, as your sunroom will receive a lot of sunlight all day long.
  2. Choose the right color – white, crème, pink, green, and blue are great options. Lighter colors feed into the brightness of a sunroom. However, if you want to use bold colors, just be sure to add some organic and aquatic elements to make the room appear brighter and livelier.
  3. Add a water feature. Place a small fountain or aquarium in your sunroom to add an extra element of life, as well as interesting textures to the decor. The sound of trickling water can add a calming effect to the sunroom.
  4. Install shades or blinds for when you want to keep the sun out or have more privacy. Look for shades or blinds that will allow you to control how much sunlight you want in the room.
  5. Add some plants to further add to the feeling of bringing the outdoors in.  With all of the sunlight you’ll have, the plants will grow wonderfully.

There are many wonderful options available when it comes to decorating your sun room, so have fun and be a little creative.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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