Unique Climb Challenge Advocates Lung Disease Awareness

25 Mar

Unique Climb Challenge Advocates Lung Disease Awareness

Asthma, lung cancer, tuberculosis and other lung diseases affect numerous people all over the world. Though some of these illnesses are inborn, there are certain causes that could have been prevented if awareness of them had been advocated. Because of these diseases, patients are struggling with shortness of breath and suffer from difficult symptoms which torment their bodies.

Several years back, there were only a few people who were fortunate enough to have gained life-saving insights on the cause and effects of lung diseases. Now, through advocacy programs and support of government agencies, more people are able to know the effects of lung diseases and how to prevent them.

The American Lung Association is hosting a fundraising event that will promote awareness of lung diseases in the community. The Fight for Air Climbis a unique racing event where participants are challenged to climb multiple steps in a building, stadium or an arena. It is an active way to learn more about lung diseases and exercise while raising funds.

In Oklahoma City, Fight for Air Climbwill be held on March 29th from 9am to 12:30pm at the Leadership Square located at 211 N Robinson. The event is open to the public with a registration fee of $25 and a fundraising challenge of $100. Fees will cover the entry to the race, a breakfast and an event-themed t-shirt.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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