Things to Consider Before Buying a House

12 Jun

Things to Consider Before Buying a House

If you have found the house of your dreams and want to buy it, before you move forward with offers and contracts, be sure you have checked out a few important things first to be sure you are making a smart investment.

  1. Research the property online. Find out what is going on in the area and what is happening in terms of upcoming development. There are a lot of things that affect property values, so be sure that the conditions in the neighborhood in which you want to buy are positive and on an incline, not a decline.
  2. Check the crime reports. You can go to a police station or search public records online to get statistics on the crime rate in your desired area. You may find a house you love, but if it is in a dangerous area or in an area that has a lot of burglaries, you will not feel safe in your own home.
  3. Check on the schools. If you have or are planning to have children, be sure you are buying in a good school district.  This is also important for overall property value and resale value because future people are going to be looking at the same things and will be more likely to buy your property if it is located in a good school district.
  4. Check for local amenities. How far away is the nearest grocery store? Gas station? Banking facilities? It is little things like this that make life more convenience (or more difficult), so be sure you are okay with the proximity of basic services.
  5. Visit the home at different times of the day. If you want to know how quiet or active the place will be, visit during different times of day and during the week.  If it is quiet during the day, but has a lot of noisy traffic or loud neighbors in the evenings, it may not be something you want to purchase.
  6. Check travel times to and from the area. What will your daily commute be to work? Especially during rush hour? How close are you to highway entrances and popular places in town?  Again, it is things like these that play into how convenient or inconvenient your lifestyle will be.
  7. Schedule a home inspection. Before you purchase a home, have a formal inspection done to determine any repairs or structural issues that will need to be addressed. Sometimes there can be major problems with a house that are not visible to the eye, so you want to be sure you are buying a structure that is in good shape, so you don’t regret it later.
  8. Talk to the real estate agents or sellers about important information. Ask about taxes, insurance, homeowner association dues, and utility bills, so you can determine if the home is within your budget.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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