Edmond Unveils Newest Public Art

17 Jun

Edmond Unveils Newest Public ArtThe City of Edmond boasts a plethora of public arts, creating a huge attraction to visitors. Public sculptures that have rich history and significance to the city are located in many public areas for both the locals and the tourists to enjoy. Aside from being a tourist attraction, these works of art also add beauty to their settings.

Just outside of the newly constructed Mitch Park YMCA and the Edmond Competitive Pool, the newest public sculpture in Edmond was unveiled. The “West Edmond Oil Field” was brought to life by Jim Franklin. The statue was a project of the City of Edmond in partnership with the Edmond Parks Foundation.

The “West Edmond Oil Field” sculpture offers a brief history of one of the most productive fields in the world. The West Edmond Field has produced more than 7 million barrels of oil and has generated more jobs for Oklahoman’s, especially the veterans of the Edmond. In 1944, the field was in it’s prime, churning out half of the state’s total oil production.

Now, the rich history of the field is represented by the new sculpture, which cost $105,000. Around $75,000 was raised by the foundation to support the funding of the sculpture while the remaining $30,000 shouldered by the city’s Visual Arts Commission.
With the recent public sculpture, Edmond now has a total of 151 art pieces.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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