Basic Feng Shui Principles for the Bedroom

14 Jul

Basic Feng Shui Principles for the Bedroom

The Chinese art of Feng Shui is believed to nourish your soul by placing it in harmony with the energies around it. The specific arrangement of things in a room heightens or decreases energies pertaining to love, success, tranquility, etc. People often consult Feng Shui experts to determine how to arrange things in their homes to increase the flow of positive energy in their lives.

Since the bedroom is the most personal and intimate of all the rooms in your house, it is a pivotal place to implement Feng Shui principles. Here are some Feng Shui ideas you might want to consider to create a relaxing and more intimate atmosphere in your bedroom:

  1. It is important that your bed is positioned properly. Don’t place your bed directly in front of the entryway into your room, as that puts it in a direct path to receive all of the active energy from the rest of your house. It is supposed to be a more tranquil environment, so you want that to be diffused. In addition, position your bed diagonal to the door in the place furthest away from the door.
  2. Avoid placing your bed in front of a window. Windows are full of Yang, or active, energy that may affect your sleep at night. If you have no option but to place your bed in this manner, cover your windows with thick, dark curtains that can be shut at night.
  3. Do not keep a computer or office station inside the bedroom. Since work energy and sleep energy are opposite types of energy, they should not be confined in the same energy, as they with both limit the other’s abilities.
  4. Remove as many electrical appliances as possible from the bedroom. This will limit the amount of harmful EMFS from entering your body, which can cause internal imbalance. The less electricity that is flowing through your room, the better.
  5. Do not decorate your room with objects capable of reflecting. This creates disruptive energy in the bedroom that harms sleep. Eliminate all mirrors if possible.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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