Real Estate Advertising Sign Tips

18 Aug

Real Estate Advertising Sign Tips

The real estate industry is very competitive, and it takes constant, proactive work to get customers.  You must spread the word about your services, so that people begin to recognize you and think of you as the “go to” person for their real estate needs. Once you have customers and you are selling someone’s property, you must also get the word out about their property listing to as many people as possible, so you increase its chances of selling in a timely manner. One of the most common ways to do that is by using yard signs.

Real estate signs are strategic tools that should include very specific elements to maximize their impact. Be sure that that your name and that of the brokerage are clearly visible. Include the company logo, your contact number, and website information. Additional information  can also be added with separate attachable signs, such as the property’s sales price or notifications such as “New Listing”, “Reduced Price”, etc.

The sign should be clear and visible from the street. When placing your sign, take into consideration things like parked cars, tree, poles, etc. so you can place it in an area that will not be blocked from sight. Placing signs by sidewalks is ideal if street parking is not common. For homes that are located on corners, it is a good idea to place a sign on each street side, so people traveling from all angles can see them.

If the property you are selling is in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, check with them first to see if they have any rules or regulations about sign placement, so you do not violate their codes.  Also be sure you comply with any signage size restrictions that may be  applicable in your area.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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