Prescription Drug Disposal Box Placed at OU Health Science Center P.D.

2 Sep

Prescription Drug Disposal Box Placed at OU Health Science Center P.D.

A drug overdose occurs at the intake of an overwhelming volume of drugs into the body. There are several cases where adults and children suffer from drug overdose due to expired medication or improper intake. Some kids are incautiously taking medicines without adult supervisions. In most cases, drug overdose can result to severe injury and even death.

To prevent continued drug overdoses in the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is initialing the installation ofdrug disposal boxes to properly dispose of unused medications.These boxes will serve to disposal of old, expired and unwanted medications at home.

Boxes are placed all over the state to accommodate nearby citizens. As of now, there are 166 boxes installed in police and sheriffs departments all over the state. Recently, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has placed a disposal box at the lobby of the OU Health Sciences Center Police Department.

Once the Bureau collects these drugs, these are then taken to Covanta Energy in Tulsa for incineration.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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