Oklahoma City Introduces First Municipal Archive for Public Access

16 Sep

Oklahoma City Introduces First Municipal Archive for Public Access

Oklahoma City has more than a century of history to share with the world and soon, it will be able to open up more information to the public with its first municipal archive program. The upcoming project will feature interesting facts and information about the city that can be useful to the public.

Let the Sunshine in: Processing Government Records of the City of Oklahoma City” is a new project of the City of Oklahoma City, which aims to offer public access to records of the city. Documents will include various economic and social records of the city over the last 125 years. There will be documents that date back to the 1890, the date of the citys incorporation.

The project will provide more transparency to the public and allow everyone to search the records online. This will also inform the public as to which records are accessible by the public.

Some of the records available will include building plans and abstracts, deeds, the Journal of Proceedings of the City Councils and resolutions.

The projects will be supported through the grant funded by the National Historic Publications and Records Commission. A $185,000-grant was given in order to pay for the project archivist and intern for two years. Preservation supplies for two years will also be covered by the fund.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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