Improving Curb Appeal to Increase Sale Value

2 Oct

Improving Curb Appeal to Increase Sale Value

First impressions are lasting impressions. Research has proven that the first few seconds of meeting your prospective employer might already determine the chances of you in getting the job as opposed to a competing applicant. This can also be applied to real estate as well. A home for sale with a beautiful landscape has the same effect as a confident job applicant with a pleasing appearance.

An eye-catching house already has all the basics in advertising and selling. Studies show that high curb appeal can increase the home’s sale value by 12%. When you think of improving your house’s curb appeal, it is highly recommended to hire professionals.

Professional landscape companies will determine what it takes to improve your home’s curb appeal and conduct the process of adding or eliminating elements to effectively reestablish the curb appeal. This is commonly done by redesigning plant beds, perennials, evergreens and shrubs. Flower planters and decorative structures will be strategically and decoratively placed to exude lasting impressions of your home that will not be lost on potential buyers. One popular way to increase the beauty of your home is to add outdoor lighting.

When planning to sell your house, focusing on the curb appeal is one of the factors that can change everything about the way other’s look see it. Older individuals love trees in their yard, while younger ones may prefer lawns. For a quicker way to improve the curb appeal, add bushes and a variety of shrubbery and evergreens strategically placed in the entrance to frame it beautifully.

Having mature trees on the landscape is a huge plus for buyers. If there are none, having one planted would be a very good idea. Whenever you plan to sell your home, don’t just consider the interior, but the outdoors as well and use the home’s landscape to your advantage. Look to home magazines and trustworthy home management companies for excellent ideas about  enhancing your home’s curb appeal!

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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