Oklahoma City Offers New Convenient Parking Garage

7 Oct

Oklahoma City Offers New Convenient Parking Garage

With the growing number of cars traversing the downtown area, parking has become a major problem. There may not be enough spaces to accommodate all vehicles in various city blocks.

Due to increased parking issues, the City of Oklahoma City has provided a new parking garage for those who are in the downtown area. The new parking building will be a convenient way to resolve parking problems while also offering an attraction within the district. According to OKC Parking Manager Debi Holtzclaw, the new parking garage will look like an art attraction due to it’s colorful exterior lighting.

There will be reflective white walls and ceilings in the new garage and lighting will be color-variant. It will not only be a unique attraction, but the new lighting will have safety applications to those utilizing the facilities.

The bottom part of the garage will be a retail area, available for tenants to rent spaces. It will also connect Main St. to Colcord, acting as a pedestrian walkway.

The new parking building measures 22,000 square feet and has a total cost of about $21.7 million, to be paid by the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority. It will be located on Walker and Hudson, between Main St. and Colcord Dr. Once opened, the garage will hold more than 800 vehicles at capacity.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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