Save Space in Your Kitchen

24 Nov

Save Space in Your Kitchen

Having more space in the kitchen can boost your home value by making it more appealing to home buyers. Increasing kitchen storage makes the kitchen feel more functional and organized, which most people appreciate.

If there are areas in your kitchen with unclaimed wall space, adding additional shelves can create more space to store kitchenware, food, and cleaning supplies. If you install new shelves, just be sure they are within easy reach; otherwise, they won’t be practical. For wine lovers, mounting a wine rack on the wall can also be a functional and attractive addition to the kitchen.

If you think you have enough kitchen cabinets already, consider whether or not they could benefit from some updating. Changing the hardware or painting your cabinets a new color can instantly transform them. Incorporate high tech kitchen gadgets into your cabinet designs. If you want a more modern look, remove the doors from your cabinets and make them open shelves that display your dishes and other items.

Finally, clear all the clutter from your kitchen and organize your items in a functional way. Get rid of empty cleaning bottles. If you like coffee, create a coffee station, where all of your coffee filters, mugs and coffee beans are in one place. If you bake a lot, keep all of your commonly used ingredients and bowls in one spot, so you can pull everything out at once.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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