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OKC Opening Night to Celebrate the New Year

30 Dec

OKC Opening Night to Celebrate the New Year

2015 is just a few days away and everyone is excited to welcome the New Year with open arms and cheerful hearts. This coming Wednesday, the Arts Council of Oklahoma City will be hosting its Annual “Opening Night” in downtown OKC, featuring live musical entertainment as well as dances and other performances.

If you wish to make your New Year celebration the most memorable event of the year, then this year’s “Opening Night” is for you! There will be sixteen stages in eight venues around the downtown area, from 4th to Reno and E K Gaylord to Shartel.

The Opening Night will begin at 7pm and run until 12am Wednesday, December 31st. Musical performances include the Flying Okie, Sam Kahre, Paseo Street Walkers, The Wurly Birds, Nicnos, Vinace and Honey and Callen Clarke. Returning acts include Wayne McEvilly, OKC Improv, Edgar Cruz, Ambassador’s Concert Choir and David Thomas.

The Cox Convention Center will have attractions and activities for children of all ages. There are wristbands available for the event which can be purchased at the price of $8 before Wednesday and $10 on the night of the event.At midnight, countdown will start and end with a beautiful backdrop of firework show in Bicentennial Park. Don’t miss the chance to ring in the new year in the most memorable way possible!

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


Modern Kitchen Features

29 Dec

Modern Kitchen Features

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home because it serves many functions and is where people spend a large amount of time  The kitchen is where you cook meals, gather with friends and family, help your kids with homework, etc. So, if you decide to do a kitchen remodel, it is important to be deliberate in your planning and not jump into a project hastily, so you can be sure you are creating something that meets your needs.

Below are a few cutting edge kitchen features that are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing:

  1. Drawer dishwasher – This is a great space saving alternative to a traditional dishwasher. It is just as effective at cleaning dishes, but it usually doesn’t require as large of a load to run a wash cycle. A drawer dishwasher is also a great aesthetic design element because the facade looks like a cabinet door, so it blends with the rest of your cabinetry for a more seamless look.
  2. Island stove top – As the name indicates, an island stove top moves your cooking area away from your main counter top areas and into the middle of your kitchen. This frees up your main working areas, so you have more room to prepare and present food. It also improves the functionality of your kitchen because you can more easily access your stove top from any area of the kitchen versus having to work in a small space right next to a counter top stove.
  3. Counter garage – This is a similar concept to a car garage, but instead of hiding your car from view, it hides your everyday kitchen appliances from view. This is a neat option to have for hiding kitchen appliances when you aren’t using them, so they reduce visual clutter and open up counter space, so you can use it for other things.
  4. Stainless back splash – Having a back splash is important for protecting your walls against stains, splashes, and excessive moisture. Stainless steel and imitation stainless steel are great options because they have a modern look, but are also highly functional because you can easily wipe them clean, and they do not rust.
  5. Deep drawers – These are great for reducing counter clutter and storing larger items like cooking pots and pans. Like counter garages, deeper drawers also enable you to store smaller everyday appliances like toasters, so they do not take up counter space when you aren’t using them.

Jennifer Fields
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Science Matters Mobile Museum to Visit Oklahoma

23 Dec

Science Matters Mobile Museum to Visit Oklahoma

Even though school is out and the holidays have arrived, kids can still have the opportunity flex their mental muscles by visiting the interactive mobile museum. Coming to Oklahoma City and Tulsa this holiday season, the Science Matters Mobile Museum offers scientific exhibits and presentations for children of all ages.

The Science Matters Mobile Museum is a 40-foot mobile exhibit which features various scientific explorations and fascinations. The exhibits are for elementary students, focused on exploring different experiments and teaching children the process of scientific investigations.

On the truck, kids will be able to interact with other students as well as the teachers. They will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, try experiments for themselves and get a first-hand look at the wonders of natural science at work. Ultimately, these experiences will help children to further develop their understanding of not only science itself, but the thought behind scientific reasoning and experimentation.

On December 29th, the Science Matters Mobile Museum will be stopping at the Science Museum of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. On December 30th, it will stop at the Children’s Museum Discovery Lab in Tulsa.  Don’t miss this chance to enable your children to experience the wonder and excitement of science, with the Science Matters Mobile Museum!

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Fire Proof Doors Increase the Safety and Value of Your Home

22 Dec

Fire Proof Doors Increase the Safety and Value of Your Home

House fires are one of the most common sources of damage to a home, and once they start, they can spread out of control very quickly. Not only does fire pose a threat to your home, but it also poses a serious threat to the well-being of your family if anyone is home. That is why fire-resistant doors are starting to become more popular in residential buildings in addition to commercial ones.

Fire-resistant doors are designed to prevent smoke or flames from spreading into other areas of a building for a certain period of time. A fire door is capable of screening fire for 45 minutes up to two hours, depending on the type of door that it is. This is especially helpful in homes that are located in rural areas that have longer emergency response times or in homes with lots of property security that can be difficult to penetrate by first responders.

It is easy to replace ordinary doors with fire-resistant doors. They come in standard sizes or can be custom built if necessary. Fire-resistant doors are constructed from a variety of materials, such as verticality boards, steel, and gypsum, which are all highly fire-resistant.

Not just any company can manufacture these types of doors, as they must first pass strict quality assurance and insurance compliance tests. There are strict guidelines covering the manufacture of fire-resistant doors and installation, so be sure you do research on a company before you work with them to ensure that they are properly certified.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Countertop Options for Kitchen Remodeling

18 Dec

Countertop Options for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is an improvement that can add significant value to your home. With the right design choices, this project can ultimately boost resale value.

While there are many benefits to such an undertaking, it is also one of the most expensive projects a homeowner can choose. Thus, choosing the right countertops is necessary to the success of your kitchen remodeling project.

Every homeowner should be able to find quality countertops at the best price. Here are the top five options you can chose from.

  1. This the cheapest type of countertop material. Several homeowners opt for laminate countertop because of its ability to recreate the designs of marble, granite, wood and even stone countertops. It is easy to maintain and clean compared to other materials and replacing it can be a simple DIY project.
  2. Granite is one of the best natural stone countertops. It stands up well to weather, heat, scratches and has been a popular choice for construction for many years already. However, granite is expensive so you should keep your budget in mind when shopping around.
  3. Stainless Steel. A countertop made of stainless steel is your best choice if your primary considerations are durability and hygiene. It doesn’t give way to cracks, grooves, gaps or joints where water, gunk and food tend to accumulate. It is also resistant to heat and stain.
  4. Ceramic Tile. Many homeowners opt to install ceramic tile countertops as they are durable, easy to clean and cost-efficient. They come in several color choices and can be installed easily.
  5. If you have a rustic and homey taste, a wood countertop will have the ideal look and feel for you. It gives character to your kitchen and it is bacteria-resistant. However, wood countertops also come at a higher cost. It is sensitive to scorching and may also trap odors. You will need to maintain it regularly by deodorizing and sealing the surface with oil.

Countertops in particular are very hard to choose, since they all have to withstand different degrees of activity based on your household habits. With the kitchen counter top options given above, you can now make an informed decision.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Oklahoma College Prep Workshops Offered in Oklahoma City

16 Dec

Oklahoma College Prep Workshops Offered in Oklahoma City

Preparing for college can be a challenging task. First, you need to choose the university you would like to attend, and the city you would you like to live in. Then, there is the college admission essay to write as well as forms to prepare for your admission. As these may be the most time-consuming factors of the process, financing your education is definitely the hardest. No matter how challenging college is, it will all be worthwhile after you have earned your diploma.

For future students who need help preparing for college, the Oklahoma Metropolitan Library System is offering several workshops. This program is in partnership with the Southern Oaks, Belle Isle, Edmond and Almonte libraries.

The Oklahoma College Assistance Program is a series of workshops that will serve as a guideline to students who plan on entering college. There will be guidance on the application process as well as on the topics of funding sources and finances. These workshops will be conducted in selected dates and locations starting on December 20th.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Great Home Air Quality Improves Real Estate Value

15 Dec

Great Home Air Quality Improves Real Estate Value

When you are selling a house, one of the things you should consider is the quality of air inside the house. This isn’t always something that immediately comes to a seller’s mind, but it is important because smell is a powerful sensory factor tied to emotion, and potential buyers are looking for a place that feels clean and homey, not  dirty and potentially threatening to their health.

First and foremost, assess the home’s indoor air quality, so you know which areas are most important to address first. There are companies that offer services that can determine the sources of poor air quality, such as dirty air filters, furniture, and carpet, so you can address them.

One way to improve the air quality in a home is to remove any dirty old carpet since that could be harboring odors, allergens, and air contaminants. Generally, floors that have hard and smooth surfaces are easier to clean, and they don’t retain as much dirt. They are also advantageous from an aesthetic perspective because they offer a nice glossy finish to a space.  since they make the house look better and more appealing especially when there’s that gloss from the floor.

Also be sure to have your air checked for traces of gasses, particularly carbon monoxide, which is a toxic, odorless  gas that cannot be detected without proper testing equipment. Carbon monoxide is released from  gas stoves and gas pipes. In small, normal amounts, it is okay, but if there are any leaks or malfunctions that cause it to be constantly present or in larger amounts than are normal, it can be detrimental to a person’s health and even cause death in serious cases. By being able to assure buyers that the house has been tested for carbon monoxide, they will feel much safer in your home.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent