Science Matters Mobile Museum to Visit Oklahoma

23 Dec

Science Matters Mobile Museum to Visit Oklahoma

Even though school is out and the holidays have arrived, kids can still have the opportunity flex their mental muscles by visiting the interactive mobile museum. Coming to Oklahoma City and Tulsa this holiday season, the Science Matters Mobile Museum offers scientific exhibits and presentations for children of all ages.

The Science Matters Mobile Museum is a 40-foot mobile exhibit which features various scientific explorations and fascinations. The exhibits are for elementary students, focused on exploring different experiments and teaching children the process of scientific investigations.

On the truck, kids will be able to interact with other students as well as the teachers. They will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, try experiments for themselves and get a first-hand look at the wonders of natural science at work. Ultimately, these experiences will help children to further develop their understanding of not only science itself, but the thought behind scientific reasoning and experimentation.

On December 29th, the Science Matters Mobile Museum will be stopping at the Science Museum of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. On December 30th, it will stop at the Children’s Museum Discovery Lab in Tulsa.  Don’t miss this chance to enable your children to experience the wonder and excitement of science, with the Science Matters Mobile Museum!

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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