Space Saving Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

15 Jan

Space Saving Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

We know that some of our kitchens are smaller than would be ideal for our situation.  The most popular solution to this problem is a complete kitchen remodel.  While this is an effective approach, it is also one of the most costly home renovation endeavours to undertake.  A more moderate and reasonable approach would be to organize your kitchen in such a way as to optimize the space you have to work with.

First, optimize your wall space.  Mount rows of racks in any appropriate locations over your counters or stove. Use S-hooks to hang kitchen tools and install a magnetic knife rack.

Install rails or hooks under cupboards instead of trying to force them into your already overflowing kitchen drawers.  Cabinet doors and sides of cupboards can be surprising useful as storage areas. The external sides of cabinets or the inside of pantry doors are perfect for hanging oven mitts, dish cloths and light gadgets. Hanging up your cooking utensils will not only make them easy to reach, but they can also inject visual interest on otherwise plain walls.

If you have high ceilings, try a custom-made rail for hanging wine glasses or mugs. This can create a stunning mid-air attraction and save you considerable storage space.

If you extremely bereft of space, but still require a table to be in close vicinity to your kitchen, consider acquiring a fold-out table.  Tabletops that can be attached to a wall on one side with a hinge are available in the market. When you’re done using the table, you can simply pull out the support and the table top lays flat against the wall, so there’s no blocking the traffic flow through your already congested kitchen.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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