How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

16 Mar

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Keeping our indoor air quality clean is important. Although you naturally feel safe inside the comforts of your own home, the quality of your air may actually be harming your health. It is important to take measures to ensure that you have high quality air in your home, as it will make a difference in how you breathe and will help reduce your risk of suffering from allergies.

Below are some helpful tips on ways you can improve the quality of your indoor air:

  • Install flooring that enables you to breathe easier. There are flooring options available these days that have a lower retention of allergens. Dust and allergens cannot accumulate as easily, which drastically improves air quality.
  • Have your cooling and heating systems checked and cleaned regularly. Dirt can accumulate in your air ducts and air filters, and if it continues to pile up, it begins to disseminate into the air. Having your ducts and filters cleaned regularly will reduce the allergens in your air and will also help your systems function more efficiently.
  • Minimize the use of pollutant-producers. There are things we use at home that are full of chemical pollutants that are harmful to the body. Examples include harsh cleaning agents and paints. Explore more natural-based materials to use inside your home.
  • Control the moisture content in the air. Moisture causes mold and mildew buildup, which can be extremely harmful to your health when breathed in. Take measures to keep the air inside your home dry by using exhaust fans in your bathrooms, drying dishes well before placing them in your cabinets, using dehumidifiers, and not overwatering your plants.
  • Ventilate your home properly. Keep the fresh air in and the bad air out. Proper ventilation allows air to circulate. To properly ventilate your home, keep your doors and windows open when the weather is nice, so fresh air can enter and replenish the air inside your home with fresh air. Mechanical ventilators can also help cleanse the air during months with harsher weather, when it is not feasible to keep your home open.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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