Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

26 Mar

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

If you have decided to rip up the old flooring  in your home and lay down something new, you might wonder which types of materials will be best for the look you want and the budget you have. Certain rooms in your home may have more choices when it comes to viable options; however, when we’re talking about the bathroom or kitchen, vinyl flooring offers the perfect solution.

Vinyl flooring is often called resilient flooring. It is versatile and durable flooring that continues to increase in popularity. Vinyl floors are an excellent, attractive flooring choice that can bring style and elegance to your interior, while also offering great functionality.

In fact, vinyl flooring offers a number of advantages. The biggest advantage of vinyl flooring is, of course, the cost. Vinyl flooring is very economical compared to other sorts of flooring, which makes it very budget-friendly. It is also easy to install, which means DIY-ers with basic skills can lay them down themselves instead of having to incur the costs of hiring a professional. Vinyl floors last a long time and don’t have to be frequently replaced, which also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

As far as durability goes, nothing compares to vinyl.  It will not rip or tear when installed over proper sub-flooring and can sustain the weight of heavier items and appliances. It is able to withstand the most highly trafficked areas in a home without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Another reason vinyl flooring is so popular among homeowners is its cleanliness and hygiene. Vinyl wood flooring is water resistant and almost seam-less, so it prevents bacteria growth and mold build up. It has a high resistance to moisture because it is covered with three surface coatings of wax, which also minimize dirt build up and scratch marks.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


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