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Developmental Disability Day Celebrated at Oklahoma City Capitol

24 Mar

Developmental Disability Day Celebrated at Oklahoma City Capitol

Having a disability is no reason for someone to be hindered from participating in their community. That’s why, this coming Wednesday, the Oklahoma State Capitol will be hosting a celebration in honor of Developmental Disability Day, which aims to recognize people who are intellectually challenged. The event will involve several leaders and dignitaries in the field of developmental disability, as well as people who experience different types of disabilities and their families.

The celebration will focus on raising awareness about the importance of providing a good life for people who are developmentally disabled. There will be talks and discussions about the goals of “Reaching for a Good Life,” stressing the importance of finding ways to make these individuals a more involved sector of the community. The idea is to help them live independent lives while simultaneously maintaining a high quality of life.

Those interested in listening and participating in the celebration and awareness of developmental disability are encouraged to go to the Oklahoma Capitol on Wednesday, March 25, at 10:00am.

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Civic Involvement Forum to be Held at the University of Central Oklahoma

24 Feb

Civic Involvement Forum to be Held at the University of Central Oklahoma

A forum on civic involvement will soon be held at the University of Central Oklahoma focusing on the importance of the public getting more involved, and centered on how things are run in different public organizations – including the local government.

Helping to get involved in various public organizations, including the local government, can produce a huge result on how impactful groups are in dealing with the public. When there is participation among the people on programs and activities, the goals of these organizations are more centered on making things better for everyone in the community.

The event will feature several featured guests from the local government including; Edmond Mayor Charles Lamb, Edmond Councilwoman Elizabeth Waner, Oklahoma City Councilman John Pettis and Central alumna Cyndi Munson. They will be joining in on the discussions about civic involvement, as well as answering questions. They will also discuss how they have become more involved with the local government as individuals and how everyone can make an impact.

The civic involvement forum will be held for free to all on February 25, 5pm, at the Pegasus Theather, Liberal Arts Building, UCO campus. The event is organized by the University of Central Oklahoma National Organization for Women in partnership with the American Democracy Project’s Democracy Dialogues and the UCO Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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OKC Parks and Rec to Host Seuss-Themed Party

17 Feb

OKC Parks and Rec to Host Seuss-Themed Party

National Reading Day is at the end of the month, and there’s no better way to celebrate this momentous day than by throwing a party in honor of a world-renowned author

The National Reading Day is a commemorative time where kids are encouraged to grow in their love of reading. Starting from preschool students up to the higher level students, kids are trained to develop their literacy and reading skills in order to foster a greater passion for learning in the future.

To celebrate National Reading Day, the Oklahoma Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting a special themed party for everyone. This “Seussabration” will be a birthday party thrown for one of the most popular children’s book author, Dr. Seuss. The event will be a part of the Read Across America Project by the National Education Association.

Everyone is invited to the special birthday on February 28th at the Martin Park Nature Center. Those who will be attending can enjoy fun children’s activities as well as crafts and cake as supplies lasts. There will also be a special reading of the story, The Lorax, by Vice Mayor Meg SalyerLorax hikes in the woods and a visit from the Cat in the Hat will be the highlights of the event!

Come and enjoy an awesome celebration this coming February 28th from 1-4pm at 5000 W. Memorial Road.

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Award Granted to Edmond Public Schools for STEM Instruction

10 Feb

Award Granted to Edmond Public Schools for STEM Instruction

Installing a passion for discovering science and math in children at a young age is formative in their educational developmentTaking steps to ensure the immersion of elementary level children in the universe of the scientific arts will open them up to endless learning opportunities.

Recently, the Oklahoma State Department of Education granted Edmond Public Schools with additional fund for a new program that will aid in improving the knowledge of elementary school students in the realms of science and math. The Department of Education awarded the district $200,000 for STEM learning, or science, technology, engineering and math instructions.

The “Every Day Elementary STEM for All” program is a professional development undertaking that will enable teachers to undergo more intensive training on the subjects of science, technology, engineering and math. A two-week summer institute and three follow-up sessions will be held to give instructors a wider perspective of influence in these topics. A student achievement data report will be submitted by the faculty to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the lessons taught after the two-week summit.

The STEM program aims to improve education provided at the elementary level when it comes to science and math most especially in English Language Learners (ELL) and on Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

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Bingo For Roses to Benefit the Oklahoma Rose Society

3 Feb

Bingo For Roses to Benefit the Oklahoma Rose Society

A rose garden blooms with vibrant colors and blesses those who walk by with its pleasant fragrances. Various hues and sizes of roses make them a unique and special kind of garden ideal for homes, commercial green areas and even public parks.

In Oklahoma City, one of the most beautiful rose gardens is the Charles E. Sparks Rose Garden. It is a 2-acre rose garden with more than 90 kinds of roses and over 800 colorful rose bushes. The garden was planted by the Oklahoma Rose Society in 1938 and until this day, the group continues to advocate the garden’s beauty and preservation.

This coming Saturday, February 7th, the Oklahoma Rose Society will be hosting a special bingo event that will serve as a fundraiser for the group’s advocacy. Bingo For Roses will be a fun family-centered event, with bingo cards available at the price of $5 each.

As prizes for the winners of the Bingo games, the Oklahoma Rose Society will be handing out rose bushes. A bake sale will also be held to those who love pastries and sweets! Plus, members of the Oklahoma Rose Society will be available to answer any questions about the garden and the roses.

Bingo For Roses will be held on February 7th, from 1 pm to 4pm at the Will Rogers Garden Center.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

New OKC Housing Center to Provide Shelter to the Homeless

27 Jan

New OKC Housing Center to Provide Shelter to the HomelessIn this time of economic unrest, many people have found themselves without a roof over their head, or even a bed to sleep in. In some worst cases, these unfortunates suffer from mental, physical, or emotional sickness with absolutely no access to treatment.

The Homeless Alliance is hoping to provide for medically vulnerable homeless people through a housing development set to open this year. The complex will be able to offer shelter to the homeless and care to those who are suffering from untreated medical conditions.

The proposed facility for the homeless will be located within the organization’s WestTown Resource Center. It will have 20 dormitory-style rooms and will help keep residents near social services and medical care.

According to the organization, the new facility is built with a goal of providing the utmost care to homeless people who are medically vulnerable. There will be various benefits available including medical care, case management and legal assistance.

The new homeless center is said to cost around $1.35 million. $670,000 of the $1.35 million comes from a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

New CNG Minibuses for OKC Public Schools

20 Jan

New CNG Minibuses for OKC Public Schools

Compressed natural gas transportation options are not only an economically-friendly alternative to traditional travel, but they are also more efficient. Natural gas is cheaper than most petroleum products and contains far less pollutants. Additionally, it is among one of the cleanest burning fuels with incredibly low levels of toxic emissions.

In Oklahoma City, three new minibuses will be added to the fleet serving students in Oklahoma City Public Schools. The three minibuses are CNG powered and will be a massive asset to the city considering their benefits to the overall cost of transportation.

According to district officials, the three new CNG buses will be serving 10,000 students every day. It is expected to travel 100 miles a day and will be able to seat up to 29 students in each bus. The new buses will be serving a 136 mile area of the city. Each bus cost a lease of $785 per month. Midwest Bus Sales will be providing the CNG bus and have offered a discount to the district for a three-year lease on the three buses. Midwest Bus Sales representatives present a savings of $10,000 per bus during the lease contract to the city.

Jennifer Fields
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