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Making it Easier for Kids to Clean Their Room

16 Apr

Making your kids clean their room can be a difficult task.  They are usually uninterested in picking up and putting away their own clutter. However, if you don’t teach them how to clean their room and keep it neat and tidy, they will always rely on you to do it…or, you’ll just face  a cluttered kids room day after day.

In order for you to get your kids clean their room, make it easier for them. You cannot blame them if the closet is too high or there are no places to put their toys away. Making it easier for them to clean will help them organize things more easily and quickly, which will encourage them to keep up the practice.

Below are some useful tips for making it easier for your kids to clean their room…

  • Add more storage. If they do not already have one, place a huge chest in their room for all of their toys and set it on the floor beside their bed so they can easily open and close it whenever they want. To make it easier for them to pick up their clothes, place a small hamper on the floor in which they can toss their dirty clothes.  To store miscellaneous papers, art materials and books, add a variety of small storage boxes to their closet.
  • Install lower hooks for hanging things. Your kids can put away hats and jackets by themselves if they reach the hooks to hang them on.  Look for hooks that are easily raised and lowered so you can adjust them as your kids grow.
  • Put small pillows on their bed, so it is easier for them to pick them up and move them when making their bed.
  • Choose the right sized furniture. When picking out furniture for your child’s room, functionality is important.  For example, be sure your child can reach all of the drawers in his or her chest of drawers, so they can put things away on their own.
  • Streamline their things, from clothes to toys.  Keep only those things that are still useful and either donate or store away unused clothing and toys. This will free up extra storage space in your kid’s room and leave them with fewer things to clean and organize.
  • Schedule a cleaning time for your kids. Set aside about 30 minutes to physically supervise them and help them clean their room.  But, when you do help, make sure you are only helping when it is truly needed, so you don’t end up doing it all yourself.
  • Establish accountability. Make your kids understand that their room is their area and they should be accountable for the things inside it. If two kids share a room, assign certain tasks and accountability to each one, so they know specifically what they need to clean and organize.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent