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Avoid Fires This Holiday Season – Holiday Fire Safety Tips

29 Dec

Holidays are the best time of the year. Why? Because it is the time we get away from work and enjoy a few days feasting and just being merry together with our families. Though Christmas is over – unless your tree has already been taken out, you should be paying extra attention to the dry needles on those evergreens as they are huge fire hazards.

So, to avoid such an ill-fated possibility, below are some easy tips to increase your fire safety in to lead into the new year. It is always better to take these precautionary measures and continue celebrating the holiday without any worries.

  • Always check your holiday lights. Replace damaged, worn or broken cord or string of lights. If you’re taking yours down now – now is the perfect time to check them for next year so you don’t forget.
  • Use flame-resistant decorations near your fireplace. Never use materials that can easily catch fire when placing decorations on or near your tree, fireplace or holiday lights.
  • If using candles, keep them away from your tree. Also, use a candle holder so the candles will not be easily knocked down. Do not place candles near airy or windy parts of the house like near a window as the flame may blow and catch fire to a nearby item.
  • Do not put your tree near your fireplace, heater, radiator or heat generating devices.
  • On a similar note – if you are using a real tree – keep it very moist and well watered. Dry trees are the cause of home fires each year.
  • Unplug all lights once you all get out of the house or before going to sleep. Make sure no extension cord or unnecessary plugs are plugged in.
  • Regularly check your smoke detectors so you will be alarmed should smoke be detected in any parts of the house.
  • Indoor lights may add beauty inside the house but a close eye should be kept on them especially with the dry air in your home due to the heater. Check them regularly for broken or damaged cords.
  • Do not burn wrapping papers or anything really aside from wood in your fireplace since some paper materials can instantly ignite fire that can spark a flame outside of your fireplace.
  • The holidays will always require a large feast, therefore lots of cooking happens inside the kitchen. Always check on your cooking range or any cooking devices that are in use even if you have to attend to your guests. There have been a number of cases where fire occurs due to unattended cooking.
  • Use fire screens or fireplace doors at all times and never let your children play near the fire.

Follow these tips, and you will be that much more on the way to having a safe and happy conclusion to this holiday season!

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent