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Chores to Doors Simplifies Shopping in Edmond

30 Sep

Chores to Doors Simplifies Shopping in Edmond

Making a run for your daily or weekly groceries can be incredibly time-consuming. Even when we do go shopping, there are times when we tend to buy of what we actually don’t need.

A new shopping concept is being introduced in Edmond that can solve this problem. This service enables residents to shop for their groceries and foods without having to do the shopping themselves.

Chores to Doors is one way of shopping for your own groceries and foods with the convenience of staying at home. Only one phone call away, you can shop for your favorite food items, house essentials and even fast food takeouts.

The new shopping concept is owned and operated by Edmond residents. The goal is to provide an easy service for residents to save precious time while effectively filling needs.

Chores to Doors offer an extensive list of groceries that consumers can choose and buy. There are more than 4,000 items listed. Consumers can simply call the hotline for their grocery list, including beverages, deli, produce, snacks and meats. An employee can then deliver their groceries right to the customer’s door.

Deliveries are available daily from 8:00am to 10:30pm for groceries and 5:00am to 2:00am for fast food. Delivery has a cost of $6.99 and is done on the same day, regardless of size and quantity of the orders placed.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent


2014 Edmond Quilt Festival Begins July 25th

22 Jul

2014 Edmond Quilt Festival Begins July 25th

It’s quilting time! Time to bring out your fabrics, threads and needles for a fun day of quilting!

If you are a quilting enthusiast and would love to see different kinds of quilt-work, then you are in luck! This coming Friday and Saturday, the Edmond Quilt Guild will be showcasing some of their quilts to the public. The 2014 Edmond Quilt Festival is happening this week at the Gaylord University Center at Oklahoma Christian on July 25thand 26th.

Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers of fabric together to make a thicker material. Not only does quilting showcase your creative talents, but it is also an excellent hobby.

The Quilt Festival is held every two years and sponsored by the Guild. There are more than 100 quilts on display in every show. People come from all over to witness the creativity of Edmond’s finest quilters.

Last gathering, the guild had nearly a thousand attendees for the event. This year, the guild is expecting and even larger turnout.

Join the 2014 Edmond Quilt Festival from 9am to 5pm Friday and Saturday. Admission fee is set at $7 per person. Proceeds will go to the club and also an outreach program that focuses on quilting.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Avoiding Pitfalls in Real Estate Investing: Significant Suggestions for Novices

27 Mar

Avoiding Pitfalls in Real Estate Investing Significant Suggestions for Novices

Because of the current condition of the real estate market in most countries, many have attempted to tap into the investment opportunity. Since investing on commercial or residential property is stable in due course, estate owners have found it ideal to buy assets, especially in today’s economic climate. However, real estate investing involves massive risks when you are not familiar with the trends of the market.

There are some common mistakes that real estate investorshould avoid to effectively make money as an investor. One of these mistakes is attending seminars and buying books about real estate investing, but never used the gained knowledge in practice. Since you already have the basics in the real estate industry, you are in the right position to start investing. Always apply the advanced techniques you have read about and learned on the way.

Never get attached to the first or second property that you visit. Always try to look for other properties and check if there is better deal currently on the market. Do not buy an estate which gives you any doubt; wait for the best and suitable one.

Beforehand, when you are planning to invest in a property, make sure you have right financial assistance. Investors who depend too much on credit to purchase and renovate homes are doing dangerous deed. If your income is inadequate for paying loans and mortgages, do not continue with your plan in real estate investing. Investors should have stable source of income and cash reserves so that they can make their purchase securely. You will also be less stressed, since you can avoid investing in homes at lower prices without cutting corners on repairs. When you have enough money, you can deal with higher-end properties.

It will be really helpful to have a good team of people that will help you in the investment process. They may be house experts that can properly inspect the area and advise you on the repairs and maintenance. A good investment is accompanied by a great lineup of people that will assist you. Also having a real estate agent and an attorney will help you greatly on your journey to success. 

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Important People You Should Have When Buying a Home

20 Mar

Important People You Should Have When Buying a Home
The process of buying a home involves a lot of people.  There are many things to consider when buying a home because you want to be sure that your money is not misused and that the people you are working with have your best interests at heart. What makes investing in a home more complicated is figuring out who to select as your “team” that will aid you through the process.

When choosing the right group of people to assist you in a home-buying process, you have to know who will be in charge of each particular task and what the responsibilities of each member will be. Just like with a business team, each person is in charge of a key role and is responsible for making things happen. Without their full dedication, the home-building process can become longer and more complicated than necessary.

You must talk with different qualified lenders until you find one that can provide the financing you need, and then you must provide them with personal financial information, so you can determine the price range and loan amount that you can afford.

A real estate agent is often viewed as the captain of the ship and acts as the intermediary between you and the other party (seller or buyer). If you are a buyer, it is usually the seller who pays the agent at closing, not you. A real estate agent educates you on the properties you are viewing and oversees the offer and contract transactions.

Most buyers opt to have a real estate lawyer. They are responsible for checking and reviewing the contract before you invest in the property to be sure everything is properly disclosed and that there are no loopholes through which you can be taken advantage of. They check to be sure there are no items that could surprise you with unexpected financial liability later down the road. They also determine if there are any claims against the property that might need to be taken care of by the current owner before closing.

You should also have the property checked by a home inspector before buying it. They will evaluate the major systems in the home and explain to you the things that need to be repaired. This is especially important if there are major repairs that need to be done because you can often negotiate that the seller fix some of them before closing.

A property appraiser will ensure that the property is priced fairly and that you do not pay more for a property than what it is worth. This is very important to the financing process as well because banks and lenders will only finance properties based on their true value, not necessarily what you have offered to pay for the property.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Teacher Job Fair Held for Edmond Public Schools

18 Mar

Teacher Job Fair Held for Edmond Public Schools

Every school needs competent teachers to facilitate and lead more students every year. It is also a vital partin filling the gap left by teachers who are planning to retire in the next year.

In Edmond, the Edmond Public Schools are hosting job fairs in order to obtain a pool of qualified applicants to join their growing staffs and teachers. This year, a teacher job fair will be held for two days to accommodate interested applicants both for elementary and secondary education.

The teacher job fair will be held on March 25 and 26 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the district’s administrative headquarters. Applications will open on March 25 for the elementary department while March 26 will mark the date opening for those applying for the secondary department.

Last year, more than 240 teaching positions were filled in by the Edmond Public Schools during their job fair. This completes the total number of 1,460 teachers. Officials of the Public School administration is hoping to fill in more than 240 positions this year.

Teaching positions in Edmond Public Schools are open to job seekers reentering the field of education or college graduates. Applicants will be required to bring their updated resume to the fair.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center Offers Diabetes Seminar in Oklahoma City

28 Jan

INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center Offers Diabetes Seminar in Oklahoma City

Among the most common illnesses in the modern world today is diabetes. This condition arises when there is a high level of blood sugar in the body. Diabetes can be a disease with alarming complications.

When one has diabetes, he or she commonly experiences kidney and dental problems as well as skin complications. Others have complications involving their eyes and even their hearts.

To help the residents of Oklahoma City understand the nature of diabetes, including its cause and effects, the INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center will be offering a seminar to all interested. Understanding Diabetes is a five-part seminar held on the first Friday of the month, featuring various aspects of diabetes management as well as other vital information.

INTEGRIS Third Age Life Center is a resource center in Oklahoma City which aims to provide support to all senior citizens living within the greater Oklahoma City area.

Understanding Diabetes will be held every first Friday of the month from February to June between the times of 9 am to 10:30 am at the INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center.Admission is free, but those who wish to join the seminar will need to pre-register in advance.

Jennifer Fields
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Edmond Public Schools and Fine Arts Institute of Edmond Offer Art Program to Elementary Schools

21 Jan

Edmond Public Schools and Fine Arts Institute of Edmond Offer Art Program to Elementary Schools

Enhancing creativity is one way of helping students improve themselves both mentally and emotionally. When children explore different kinds of art, not only are they enjoying the colors and the value of their output, but they are also learning excellent skills and creative thinking.

Many public elementary schools in Edmond do not have formal art classes until the fifth grade. To provide art classes to lower elementary years, the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond is partnering with Edmond Public Schools to launch a program called Art in Schools. It is an additional class offered to third and fourth graders in eight elementary schools, where kids will learn more about art from a professional artist.

Art in Schools is a creative program that helps promote art awareness among students and helps them to develop their creative skills. According to Executive Director Shannon Price of the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond, children who participate in the arts are more motivated and confident and have higher scores on their exams.

Many private organizations have also offered their support through donations. Monetary donations are being used to buy art supplies and compensate elementary school art teachers.

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