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Important People You Should Have When Buying a Home

20 Mar

Important People You Should Have When Buying a Home
The process of buying a home involves a lot of people.  There are many things to consider when buying a home because you want to be sure that your money is not misused and that the people you are working with have your best interests at heart. What makes investing in a home more complicated is figuring out who to select as your “team” that will aid you through the process.

When choosing the right group of people to assist you in a home-buying process, you have to know who will be in charge of each particular task and what the responsibilities of each member will be. Just like with a business team, each person is in charge of a key role and is responsible for making things happen. Without their full dedication, the home-building process can become longer and more complicated than necessary.

You must talk with different qualified lenders until you find one that can provide the financing you need, and then you must provide them with personal financial information, so you can determine the price range and loan amount that you can afford.

A real estate agent is often viewed as the captain of the ship and acts as the intermediary between you and the other party (seller or buyer). If you are a buyer, it is usually the seller who pays the agent at closing, not you. A real estate agent educates you on the properties you are viewing and oversees the offer and contract transactions.

Most buyers opt to have a real estate lawyer. They are responsible for checking and reviewing the contract before you invest in the property to be sure everything is properly disclosed and that there are no loopholes through which you can be taken advantage of. They check to be sure there are no items that could surprise you with unexpected financial liability later down the road. They also determine if there are any claims against the property that might need to be taken care of by the current owner before closing.

You should also have the property checked by a home inspector before buying it. They will evaluate the major systems in the home and explain to you the things that need to be repaired. This is especially important if there are major repairs that need to be done because you can often negotiate that the seller fix some of them before closing.

A property appraiser will ensure that the property is priced fairly and that you do not pay more for a property than what it is worth. This is very important to the financing process as well because banks and lenders will only finance properties based on their true value, not necessarily what you have offered to pay for the property.

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Teacher Job Fair Held for Edmond Public Schools

18 Mar

Teacher Job Fair Held for Edmond Public Schools

Every school needs competent teachers to facilitate and lead more students every year. It is also a vital partin filling the gap left by teachers who are planning to retire in the next year.

In Edmond, the Edmond Public Schools are hosting job fairs in order to obtain a pool of qualified applicants to join their growing staffs and teachers. This year, a teacher job fair will be held for two days to accommodate interested applicants both for elementary and secondary education.

The teacher job fair will be held on March 25 and 26 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the district’s administrative headquarters. Applications will open on March 25 for the elementary department while March 26 will mark the date opening for those applying for the secondary department.

Last year, more than 240 teaching positions were filled in by the Edmond Public Schools during their job fair. This completes the total number of 1,460 teachers. Officials of the Public School administration is hoping to fill in more than 240 positions this year.

Teaching positions in Edmond Public Schools are open to job seekers reentering the field of education or college graduates. Applicants will be required to bring their updated resume to the fair.

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Edmond Public Schools and Fine Arts Institute of Edmond Offer Art Program to Elementary Schools

21 Jan

Edmond Public Schools and Fine Arts Institute of Edmond Offer Art Program to Elementary Schools

Enhancing creativity is one way of helping students improve themselves both mentally and emotionally. When children explore different kinds of art, not only are they enjoying the colors and the value of their output, but they are also learning excellent skills and creative thinking.

Many public elementary schools in Edmond do not have formal art classes until the fifth grade. To provide art classes to lower elementary years, the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond is partnering with Edmond Public Schools to launch a program called Art in Schools. It is an additional class offered to third and fourth graders in eight elementary schools, where kids will learn more about art from a professional artist.

Art in Schools is a creative program that helps promote art awareness among students and helps them to develop their creative skills. According to Executive Director Shannon Price of the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond, children who participate in the arts are more motivated and confident and have higher scores on their exams.

Many private organizations have also offered their support through donations. Monetary donations are being used to buy art supplies and compensate elementary school art teachers.

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Edmond Public High Schools to Undergo Drug Testing in January 2013

10 Dec

Edmond Public High Schools to Undergo Drug Testing in January 2013

When Edmond Public Schools students return to school after their holiday break, some of them will be undergoing drug testing as part of a continued campaign to reduce the influence of drugs within the student population.

School administrators reviewed the drug policy and approved it last October.  Public high school students in Edmond who are involved in extracurricular school activities will be required to go through drug testing, starting January 7, 2013.  According to Edmond Public Schools, as well as the Supreme Court, students who participate in extracurricular activities serve as role models and leaders among their peers and therefore need to remain drug and alcohol-free.

About $35,000 will be allocated to the drug testing of students. High school students who want to participate in any extracurricular activities in school, such as sports and clubs, must go through drug testing first. A consent form will have to be signed by the student, a guardian, and the coach or organization’s sponsor, in order for the student to join. Students who are already in extracurricular activities are subject to the same requirement and can be requested by their coaches to go through drug testing.

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New Changes For Edmond Kindergarten Schools

12 Jul

Changes to the school day of kindergarten students in Edmond schools are now taking place. A full-day curriculum is now expected to commence in more than half of the elementary schools in contrast to the traditional half day.

Out of 15 elementary schools in Edmond, nine of these schools will start to offer a full-day kindergarten class schedule beginning this fall. If everything goes as planned, the remaining six schools will also have a full-day class schedule for kindergarten next year.

The entire district of Edmond is in full support of the new changes and said it is a smart move. According to Lynne Rowley, Edmond Public Schools Executive Director of Elementary Education, this will help students become more exposed to literacy and sill be able to learn more like sounds, letters and patterns in math, which will help them build their mathematical reasoning.

The changes in the class schedule will incur the district a cost of about $70,000 which will go towards teacher salaries with the addition of 11 teachers. Some experts claim that the full-day schedule will aid kids to be prepared in their first grade and future school years.

Still, the full-day class schedule for the kindergarten is optional. Parents still have the option if they will place their kids on the full-day schedule or stick to the usual half day.

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