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OKC Dentists Fight to Reduce Candy Consumption this Halloween

28 Oct

OKC Dentists Fight to Reduce Candy Consumption this Halloween

It may be toys during Christmas that makes kids scream with excitement, but for Halloween, its all about candy! Halloweens trick-or-treat is a tradition that everyone loves, most especially childrenHowever, right after all the house-hopping fun, its toothaches and stomachaches for these little ones. Eating all the candy you can put your hands on is not practical or healthy, especially given that children can easily empty their goodie bags in one night.

If you want your kids to only eat a reasonable amount of candy,but not totally dispose the remaining sweets in the garbage, then you can simply sell them to local dentists and orthodontists in Oklahoma City who may be buying them.

Select dentists and orthodontists are creating an effort to help parents reduce their kids candy consumption while also benefiting the American troops abroad. By buying the candies sold to them by kids and their parents, they can send the candies to the heroes fighting for the country oversees.

The effort put on by the local dentists is part of a national campaign aiming to reduce candy consumption and promote health. Several dentists will be buying candy from trick-or-treaters for $1 per 1 pound of candy. Then these candies will be repacked and sent to troops located outside the country through Operation Gratitude in California.

Jennifer Fields
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A Cozy Home Does theTrick in Real Estate

20 Oct

In the real estate world, home staging is crucial to selling a home. Home staging is a very particular type of decorating that includes the right balance between cleanliness and marketability of the home. One important factor is to be sure you do not give off a vibe that is too perfect because then it comes off as untouchable and may make it difficult for a potential home buyer to visualize themselves there. Many buyers admit that they do get intimidated by model homes that appear to be so fancy that they become unrelatable to their daily living.

Therefore, the key to attracting more potential buyers is to stage your home into a comfortable and cozy environment, where they can visualize their families living. When staging, keep things as neutral as possible, so you home will appeal to any client type, regardless of their decorating style. Do careful experimentation with the arrangement of colors and shapes. For example, homes with a modern design often have a colder and sleeker feel, but they can be made cozy by adding some bright colored pillows, a cozy coffee table, and a vintage table lamp.

A perfect way to create a cozier home is to add natural elements. Add real wooden furniture, such as mahogany, rattan, and bamboo. Add fresh flowers in vases to tables throughout the rooms to make things happy and inviting. Even place small potted succulents in your kitchen window sill.

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Health Insurance Marketplace Opens for Oklahomans

1 Oct

Health Insurance Marketplace Opens for Oklahomans

Individuals with health insurance can find financial support with their medical expenses. It is a practical way of preparing for future health services which may not be financially feasible to obtain in a single income household. Many employees who pay for their health insurance can be fully supported by companies when emergency arises.

According to the law, Americans need to have health insurance or otherwise pay a penalty. Health insurance includes government programs as well as company health plans. The good news is that people can now start choosing plans that fits their specific needs.

Oklahomans can finally shop for the health insurance they want with the opening of the insurance marketplace on Tuesday. Five different companies have brought their health care plans to the table, offering an expansive fifty-three policy portfolio of options to choose from. This is a new government program that enables the people to pick out their own health care plan suitable to their condition and their needs.

There will be 4 levels of coverage available.  The Bronze plan will offer the least expensive packages, continuing through various levels of value to the the Platinum plan, which provides  the highest quality options to policy holders.  To choose a health care plan, applicants need to fill a form with their basic information. They can call the Department of Health and Human Services or sign up online.

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Construction of Edmond’s First Designated Bicycle Lanes Nears Completion

24 Sep

Construction of Edmond’s First Designated Bicycle Lanes Nears Completion

Bike lanes in the city can help maintain safety among those who plan to use their bikes in their daily commute. Recently, many people have been shifting to healthier and simpler lifestyle options, such as utilizing bikes as forms of transportation instead of vehicles. If bikes lanes are designated in public roads, there will be a safer lane for them to stay in traffic.

Edmond, Oklahoma is supporting the emergence of a greater and safer cyclist community by the construction of its first designated bicycle lanes in the city. The bicycle lanes will be located along the University Drive between Second Street and Chowning Avenue. The existing road has been reconstructed to accommodate a two-lane road, a center turn lane and two bikes lanes on the side of the road.

Based on the current status of the construction, the highly anticipated bicycle lanes will soon be serving cyclists in the city. Construction of the bike lanes are near its completion with little work left to be done on the striping and placement of signage.

Once construction is completed, the city will celebrate its newest thoroughfare in a city-wide cycling day, on which bikers will be encouraged to christen the new road.  The celebration will be held on Nov. 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

How to Avoid A Clogged Drain

9 Sep

unplugging the sinkA clogged drain is one of a home owner’s all-too-frequent nightmares. A drainage problem is the result of an improperly used/maintained drain, which leads to gradual build-up of debris that finally clogs the pipes.

Having a clogged drainage is a terrible problem; it gives off a foul smell and the overflow of waste water could create problems by seeping into your home. This is the reason why it is considered to be a serious household emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately, so as not to cause further damage. Take a few preventative steps listed below to avoid a blocked drain:

  • Avoid using chemical products. Try mixing a quarter cup of baking soda with 50 ml vinegar added to boiling water. Use this solution regularly to prevent your drain pipes from clogging.
  • Remove hair regularly. Run your fingers over the hole and pull any hair out. It only takes a few invisible strands over the plughole for other hair to catch on, although it may look like there is no hair blocking the hole. You can also use a hair catcher or screen to filter hair and other particles in your shower/bath.
  • Never throw grease down the drain. Grease has the tendency to harden and will cause a build up which leads to blockage in your kitchen sinks.
  • Pour hot water down the drain. Hot water will naturally help with the prevention of sticky substances or blockages.
  • Teach your children not to throw objects down the toilet. Most plumbers are called for help to fix drain pipes that has been clogged with large objects. Most of these blockages were caused by toys that were accidentally flushed by kids. Make sure there are no unnecessary objects placed close to the drain so children will not knock them over or think them “toys” to sink.
  • Regularly clean your sink stoppers. Thoroughly wash your sink stoppers at least once a week and check to make sure your drains always flow freely.

By following these simple rules, you will help to avoid clogged drains in the future – which will save you time and stress – especially the cost of getting a plumber to come and unclog your drains.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Edmond Considers New Public Alert System to Add to Existing One

13 Aug

EmergencyAlertsPSAPublic awareness is important for any city. It helps alerts the public to any potential emergency situations and may even compel them to assist in aiding others both during and post-emergency. For instance, if there is a missing person, the public will be notified of the details and can give crucial information to help track the missing person (i.e. Amber or Silver Alerts).

In Edmond, an effective alert system called CodeRED Emergency Notification System is used by the city officials in disseminating public information. CodeRed is a voice messaging system that propagates alerts to registered residents via their telephone and mobile devices. Different issues like emergency situations, security issues, government orders and other criminal activities are circulated fast and easy to the public using the system.

To enhance the effectiveness and reach of their existing alert system, Edmond is considering a new federal alert system called IPAWS. Integrated Public Alert and Warning System or IPAWS is a new alert system by the Federal Emergency Management System that improves the overall procedure of giving the public valuable information and warnings on certain emergencies and issues. IPAWS receives Internet-based alerts from the authorities and distributes these information to registered individuals via their smart phones.

Though Edmond already has an existing alert system, the new federal system will not be replacing the old one. It will instead supplement the existing system and will offer more features that can make the alert dissemination more efficient. Still, there will be added costs in acquiring the new federal alert system to the city – more information on exactly how much, is still yet to be revealed.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Edmond Diners Help Support Free Meals for the Elderly and Disabled

11 Jun

Edmond Diners Help Support Free Meals for the Elderly & DisabledElderly individuals and those who are bound to their home due to sickness, injury or other incapacity, have a difficult time attending to themselves each day especially without someone around to assist them. It is a huge challenge for them even to prepare their daily meals in their conditions. In turn, many elderly and disabled individuals who are homebound lack proper nourishment for their bodies.

That is why the Edmond Mobile Meals are always ready to help! Started in 1974, Edmond Mobile Meals prepare and deliver nourishing, hot meals to people who are bound at home due to age and sickness. They provide meals to registered homebound elderly or disabled individuals for a temporary basis or an extended period of time depending on their need level. For 39 years, the non-profit organization has continued to support its advocacy of helping others find friendship, hope and security.

Now, Edmond residents can extend their help in supporting the continuation of Edmond Mobile Meals. For a limited time, those who plan to dine out at select restaurants will be helping the organization raise more money to provide more meals to more people.

On June 18, 2013, select participating restaurants will be giving a portion of their proceeds to the Mobile Meals each time a diner say that they are with Mobile Meals. Diners who want to help in this small way will only have to let the restaurant know that they are with Mobile Meals so part of their total meal cost will be donated to the organization.

Participating restaurants are as follows:

  • Kang’s Sushi Bar & Bistro
  • Hideaway Pizza
  • Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler (all seven locations)
  • Earl’s Rib Palace (Broadway Ext. & Memorial Rd.)
  • Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill (4-10 p.m.)
  • The Garage (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • Chick-fil-A, 33rd Street location (5-8 p.m.)
  • Garbanzo
  • Simply Falafel
  • Jo’s Pizza
  • Billy Sims

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