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Great Ideas to Make Your Home More Efficient in the Morning

20 Jun

Great Ideas to Make Your Home More Efficient in the Morning

Weekday mornings can be stressful for people who work in the morning or have to get their kids ready for school.  You have to take a shower, get dressed, prepare and eat breakfast, and get everyone to school or work on time.

One thing that can help is to create an efficient home that will help you do things smoothly and quickly in the morning. Here are a few ideas:

  • Enhance your kitchen workflow – The kitchen is the busiest room in the house every morning. What you create a setup that allow for a smooth flow when you are working in the kitchen, it will make things faster and easier for you. Plan your kitchen well, position items in a logical work flow pattern, and keep things clean and de-cluttered, so your kitchen is not a burden when you are rushing to eat breakfast in the morning.
  • Upgrade your kitchen appliances – Cooking breakfast can take time and is difficult to prepare in time for you to eat before you leave your house.  Reduce your prep time by upgrading your kitchen appliances, especially the toaster, microwave, and juicer, so you can work quickly without worry about malfunctions.
  • Reorganize your closet – Finding the right clothes to wear in the morning can take up a lot of time. It also adds to your stress level, especially if you have an important meeting or obligation to attend to. Reorganize your closet by grouping similar clothes together, whether it be by color or style.  That way, when you open your closet, you will be able to easily identify your clothes and quickly pull them from the hanger.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent