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Lighted Stop Signs Added For Safety At Oklahoma City Intersections

21 Aug

Several lighted stop signs will be placed around Oklahoma City to increase safety at certain intersections with an aim at preventing car accidents caused by cars that roll through stop signs. Oklahoma City Traffic Engineer Stuart Chai said four blinking stop signs will be placed at dangerous intersections in the city as well as areas where the city is planning to install new stop signs.

The first lighted stop sign was installed at SE 59 and Cemetery Road. This is a new stop sign location therefore the lighted sign will do well to attract the attention of drivers to the new sign. Drivers who travel the same route regularly may not necessarily be on the lookout for new stop signs, thus the addition of the flashing lights will do well to help these “routine drivers” from getting into accidents. After a stint at the SE 59 and Cemetery Road location, the stop sign was moved to NW 122 and the Broadway Extension.

Chai said that these blinking stop signs are preliminary testing and that if these work out, the city will be allotting more funds to the purchase of more signs to be installed in other dangerous routes in the future. Each lighted stop sign cost about $125 each, about 10 times more than a regular stop sign.

The city decided to install lighted stop signs due to a number of complaints they received from the community of individuals going through the stop signs in certain locations. With these new stop signs, they will be able to see the flashing stop signs with in plenty of time to take notice and stop.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent