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OKC Dentists Fight to Reduce Candy Consumption this Halloween

28 Oct

OKC Dentists Fight to Reduce Candy Consumption this Halloween

It may be toys during Christmas that makes kids scream with excitement, but for Halloween, its all about candy! Halloweens trick-or-treat is a tradition that everyone loves, most especially childrenHowever, right after all the house-hopping fun, its toothaches and stomachaches for these little ones. Eating all the candy you can put your hands on is not practical or healthy, especially given that children can easily empty their goodie bags in one night.

If you want your kids to only eat a reasonable amount of candy,but not totally dispose the remaining sweets in the garbage, then you can simply sell them to local dentists and orthodontists in Oklahoma City who may be buying them.

Select dentists and orthodontists are creating an effort to help parents reduce their kids candy consumption while also benefiting the American troops abroad. By buying the candies sold to them by kids and their parents, they can send the candies to the heroes fighting for the country oversees.

The effort put on by the local dentists is part of a national campaign aiming to reduce candy consumption and promote health. Several dentists will be buying candy from trick-or-treaters for $1 per 1 pound of candy. Then these candies will be repacked and sent to troops located outside the country through Operation Gratitude in California.

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A Cozy Home Does theTrick in Real Estate

20 Oct

In the real estate world, home staging is crucial to selling a home. Home staging is a very particular type of decorating that includes the right balance between cleanliness and marketability of the home. One important factor is to be sure you do not give off a vibe that is too perfect because then it comes off as untouchable and may make it difficult for a potential home buyer to visualize themselves there. Many buyers admit that they do get intimidated by model homes that appear to be so fancy that they become unrelatable to their daily living.

Therefore, the key to attracting more potential buyers is to stage your home into a comfortable and cozy environment, where they can visualize their families living. When staging, keep things as neutral as possible, so you home will appeal to any client type, regardless of their decorating style. Do careful experimentation with the arrangement of colors and shapes. For example, homes with a modern design often have a colder and sleeker feel, but they can be made cozy by adding some bright colored pillows, a cozy coffee table, and a vintage table lamp.

A perfect way to create a cozier home is to add natural elements. Add real wooden furniture, such as mahogany, rattan, and bamboo. Add fresh flowers in vases to tables throughout the rooms to make things happy and inviting. Even place small potted succulents in your kitchen window sill.

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Oklahoma City Raises Awareness for Construction Safety

6 May

Oklahoma City Raises Awareness for Construction SafetyIt pays to be safe at all times, especially when building a home. Sometimes, home owners may choose to complete new additions to their home instead of hiring a contractor to do the job. While this may be fulfilling, it may also be risky and dangerous.

For this reason, Oklahoma City is raising awareness for construction safety by celebrating the month of May as Building Safety Month. This month, the city will help Oklahomans learn the rules and regulations of construction, from building permits to inspections and more.

According to David Adcock, Oklahoma City Development Center Manager, the city has 46 licensed and certified inspectors who are ensuring that every project conforms to the building standards and codes. They are inspecting both residential and commercial work involved in the building process.

To celebrate Building Safety Month, a free informative event will be held this coming Saturday. Build and Grow will be a public event hosted by Lowes that will provide demonstrations and workshops to families interested in learning more about construction and the rules set by the city. Freebies will be given to kids.

Build and Grow will be held at the Lowes off I-44 and May Avenue from 10am to 11am.

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Health Insurance Marketplace Opens for Oklahomans

1 Oct

Health Insurance Marketplace Opens for Oklahomans

Individuals with health insurance can find financial support with their medical expenses. It is a practical way of preparing for future health services which may not be financially feasible to obtain in a single income household. Many employees who pay for their health insurance can be fully supported by companies when emergency arises.

According to the law, Americans need to have health insurance or otherwise pay a penalty. Health insurance includes government programs as well as company health plans. The good news is that people can now start choosing plans that fits their specific needs.

Oklahomans can finally shop for the health insurance they want with the opening of the insurance marketplace on Tuesday. Five different companies have brought their health care plans to the table, offering an expansive fifty-three policy portfolio of options to choose from. This is a new government program that enables the people to pick out their own health care plan suitable to their condition and their needs.

There will be 4 levels of coverage available.  The Bronze plan will offer the least expensive packages, continuing through various levels of value to the the Platinum plan, which provides  the highest quality options to policy holders.  To choose a health care plan, applicants need to fill a form with their basic information. They can call the Department of Health and Human Services or sign up online.

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What You Need to Know about Radiant Floor Heating

4 Oct

Walking on cold tiles is uncomfortable and shocking. It’s great when the weather is hotter and you receive its cooling effect.  However, as the weather becomes colder, the last thing you want is to feel even colder inside your house.

Radiant floor heating is one effective solution when it comes to addressing cold floors. Basically, it applies heat directly to your floors, so whenever you walk on them, your feet are soothed by their warmth. Heat from the floor can be achieved by installing electric or tubing system underneath your floor.

There are three basic types of radiant floor heating. First is the electric radiant floor, which is one of the post popular options. It utilizes electricity to provide heat to your floor and runs through electricity-powered cables.  One of the drawbacks of using this type radiant heat is that it increases your electricity usage. However, the heat produced by the wires remains on the floor for quite a while, even if you turn off the system.

Another type is the hydronic heating system. It makes use of water that runs through tubing underneath your floors. A boiler heats the water, which is in turn pumped through the tubes to provide warmth to the entire floor. Many homeowners choose this type of floor heating system since the water supply can also provide heat in specific areas of the house.

Lastly is the air-heated system, which generally circulates heated air throughout tubing. Instead of water, air is used to transfer heat to your floors. This floor heating system is less popular because it does not keep your floors warm for a long time and therefore must run more regularly.

One of the benefits of using radiant floor heating is the comfort factor.  Adding heat to your flooring surfaces will help you and your loved ones feel more comfortable during the cold days. And, you can use the radiant floors to help heat rooms, which allows your central heating units to run less often because the warm air isn’t being absorbed and removed as quickly.
In addition, radiant heating is energy efficient because homeowners can lower their thermostats due to the added warmth inside the room. Heat loss is also reduced since these floor heating systems add insulation to the room, making it hard for the hot air to escape through floors. What’s more, radiant floor heat is quiet, so you can enjoy a relaxed, cozy environment.

Jennifer Fields
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Tips for Disinfecting Your Home

26 Mar

Germs inside your home can become dangerous if left unaddressed because they can lead to allergies and illness in you and your family. Needless to say, it is a very important to take the time to disinfect our home in order to prevent germs from spreading.
Below are some tips on how you can create a germ-free, safe environment in your home:

  • Make cleaning a habit. Deep cleanse every area of the house at least twice each month. For places you and your family use frequently, clean two or three times each week.  In addition to using a good disinfectant, also be sure to use clean sponges and brushes.
  • Wash dirty linens immediately, especially if they have been contaminated by food.
  • Use a reliable disinfectant spray on your countertops and food preparation areas.  Scrub the contaminated area thoroughly with a sponge or soft brush and then rinse it with water to be sure chemicals aren’t remaining when food touches it the next time.
  • Replace sponges frequently. Sponges are prone to collecting germs, and the more you use them, the more germs they will gather. So, if you use an old sponge to clean a counter, you’re not actually cleaning it, but rather contaminating it.  Replace your cleaning sponges after using them a few times and put them in the trash outside.
  • Use separate sponges and cleaning agents for your kitchen and bathroom. Do not try to use the same sponge or brush for all of your cleaning activities because it will only increase the chances of cross-contamination.
  • Don’t forget to clean handles, doorknobs, and small crevices.  These are often the places where germs are most prevalent, so make it a habit to spray them with a good disinfectant spray regularly.
  • Clean your floors.  For hard surfaces, sweet and then clean with a wet mop.  Afterward, dry the floor with a rag to remove any additional dirt and prevent muddy footprints if people walk across it.  For carpet, vacuum for thorough cleaning.
  • Naturally kill germs inside the house by opening your windows and letting the sunlight to come in and the fresh air to circulate.
  • Use natural ingredients like baking soda and various oils in your cleaning agents to help disinfect the area and get rid of odors.

Jennifer Fields
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Work Your Workspace for Two

1 Dec

Working at home along with your spouse is a new adventure and a fun experience to look forward to. However, even if each of you can give way and compromise, there are going to be instances when you fight, whether it be over work space, the phone, or paperclips. That naturally removes the shine from sharing a home office, so how can you maximize your space to minimize conflict?

One of the best things you can do is create a clutter-free, fight-free workstation by arranging your home office to accommodate two people in a defined and distinctive way. By arranging a carefully thought out plan, you instantly reduce the likelihood that disagreements about “invasion of space” will arise.

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when designing your home office for two…

  • Talk to your partner to determine if you both want to share a combined work space or not. Understanding each others’ thoughts and desires up front will help immensely when it comes to satisfying demands and creating a peaceful work environment.
  • As much as possible, give each other some space. Even if you’re both sharing one table, create some distance between the two of you to allow for privacy and decreased distraction.
  • Set up ample lighting on both sides. Both of you are working on important things, so both of you should be able to see what you’re doing. Instead of, or in addition to, installing a single light source, use desk lighting for both sides.
  • Place shared office essentials in a common area. If you are using a landline or fax machine, rather than put it on one person’s desk (and taking up their workspace), bring in an additional small table to put in the middle. That way, even if one of you needs to use the phone or grab a stapler or paperclips, the other person will not be disturbed.
  • Create individual storage. This will allow each person to organize in the way they see fit. Some people prefer an extremely organized work space, while others actually feel more productive with papers scattered around their desk. So, don’t start an argument just because one station failed to clean his or her area…you’re in charge of your area.
  • Decide if you want to work facing each other, away from each other, or side by side. This will play a large role in determining how you choose to organize your furniture.

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