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Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services Offers Help for Disabled Residents

18 Jun

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The devastating tornado which happened last month has affected thousands of lives in the state of Oklahoma. Many citizens of Moore lost their homes as well as loved ones. Among those who survived this terrible tragedy, some have been left with nothing. What’s more, some survived the tornado only to find themselves stricken with a disability that will forever change their future.

Fortunately, help always comes to those in need. People who were disabled due to the effects of the tornado can take advantage of free support and assistance when it comes to their employment which will help them in preparation for their future.

The staff from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Visual Services from the Oklahoma Department of rehabilitation Services will be offering their help to disabled residents of the state in terms of employment assistant. Staff from the Progressive Independence Center will also be assisting with disabled citizens by providing resources for the disabled.

Since disabled residents will have a more difficult time finding a job due to their physical limitations, staffs of the Vocational Rehabilitation and Visual Services will offer career counseling, job placement assistance and training. Other assistance includes medical and psychological services.

Residents who wish to partake of this service can come to Westmoore High School on Wednesdays and Saturdays until June 29, 2013.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent