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OKC Dentists Fight to Reduce Candy Consumption this Halloween

28 Oct

OKC Dentists Fight to Reduce Candy Consumption this Halloween

It may be toys during Christmas that makes kids scream with excitement, but for Halloween, its all about candy! Halloweens trick-or-treat is a tradition that everyone loves, most especially childrenHowever, right after all the house-hopping fun, its toothaches and stomachaches for these little ones. Eating all the candy you can put your hands on is not practical or healthy, especially given that children can easily empty their goodie bags in one night.

If you want your kids to only eat a reasonable amount of candy,but not totally dispose the remaining sweets in the garbage, then you can simply sell them to local dentists and orthodontists in Oklahoma City who may be buying them.

Select dentists and orthodontists are creating an effort to help parents reduce their kids candy consumption while also benefiting the American troops abroad. By buying the candies sold to them by kids and their parents, they can send the candies to the heroes fighting for the country oversees.

The effort put on by the local dentists is part of a national campaign aiming to reduce candy consumption and promote health. Several dentists will be buying candy from trick-or-treaters for $1 per 1 pound of candy. Then these candies will be repacked and sent to troops located outside the country through Operation Gratitude in California.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent



A Cozy Home Does theTrick in Real Estate

20 Oct

In the real estate world, home staging is crucial to selling a home. Home staging is a very particular type of decorating that includes the right balance between cleanliness and marketability of the home. One important factor is to be sure you do not give off a vibe that is too perfect because then it comes off as untouchable and may make it difficult for a potential home buyer to visualize themselves there. Many buyers admit that they do get intimidated by model homes that appear to be so fancy that they become unrelatable to their daily living.

Therefore, the key to attracting more potential buyers is to stage your home into a comfortable and cozy environment, where they can visualize their families living. When staging, keep things as neutral as possible, so you home will appeal to any client type, regardless of their decorating style. Do careful experimentation with the arrangement of colors and shapes. For example, homes with a modern design often have a colder and sleeker feel, but they can be made cozy by adding some bright colored pillows, a cozy coffee table, and a vintage table lamp.

A perfect way to create a cozier home is to add natural elements. Add real wooden furniture, such as mahogany, rattan, and bamboo. Add fresh flowers in vases to tables throughout the rooms to make things happy and inviting. Even place small potted succulents in your kitchen window sill.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Increasing Real Estate Value: Additional Bathrooms

16 Oct

Increasing Real Estate Value Additional Bathrooms

In the realm of real estate, heavy competition is common. Home improvement is an excellent tool for attracting more potential buyers. One of the most common home improvement ideas that will immediately enhance the attractiveness of your home is having an additional bathroom installed. While the kitchen is widely considered the focal point of the average home buyer, bathrooms are becoming more important in that additions add serious value to a home; this is according to the NAHB of the National Association of Home Builders.

Based on home valuation estimations, half bath adds up to 10.5% on the home’s value, while full bathrooms add 20%!There are many cost valuations to consider when building an additional bathroom into your home. One of the things to consider is the region or location your home is in. According to Remodeling magazine, if you plan to have a new bathroom installed in your home on the West Coast, prepare for a cost of almost $50,000. Don’t be immediately discouraged by what you have to pay. The monetary gain will be reaped in the sale of the house.

For those with very tight budgets, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to afford an additional bathroom. If you can’t add a new one, remodel your existing bathrooms. This still increases the value of your home. Add new bathroom fixtures, re-paint, and install new bathroom flooring.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent

Room Reinvention and Real Estate Value

9 Oct

Room Reinvention and Real Estate Value

The real estate market is wide, versatile and filled with profitable opportunities for business professionals across the nation. There are specific techniques and processes which one must become intimately familiar with to achieve an optimal return on their investments. Increasing the real estate value of a home you’re about to sell is one of the most effective ways to attract potential buyers and sell your home faster!

Room reinventing is one of the most effective home improvement projects, and studies show that it may increase the value of a home by 50% to 83%. It is expected that home reinventions are costly, since they are regarded as extensive and invasive makeovers. Even so, the money invested in remodeling a room may exponentially increase the monetary value of your home. Home reinvention comes in many forms, such as basement finishing or converting the attic into a bedroom.

Before going into a project guns blazing and hammers swinging, consider the most innovative and cost effective approaches. The following home reinvention ideas will help you do just that:

  1. Flexible rooms actually add more appeal to house and increasing potential buyers.
  2. Basements can work well as second living rooms or they can even be reinvented into recreational rooms. They can also be turned into small living apartments. A wet bar can also be a great addition to a basement.
  3. The attic can be reinvented into game or craft rooms. The advantage of the attic is its high ceiling which can be utilized to increase the room’s functionality and aesthetic value.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent