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Edmond Fire Department Receives New Equipment Thanks to Taxpayers

25 Jun

Edmond Fire Department Receives New Equipment Thanks to Taxpayers

In every fire response, fire fighters are doing their best to save as much property and as many lives as possible. However, this task can become quite difficult when firefighters lack the proper equipment they need to perform their jobs.

In Edmond, Oklahoma, firefighters are an essential part of the community hence the need to constantly improve firefighting tools and equipment. That is why two new pieces of equipment were granted to the Edmond Fire Personnel thanks to the taxpayers of the city. A $42,000 command vehicle and a $75,000 350-gallon brushpumper were obtained by the fire department to use for future fire responses.

The new brushpumper is installed on the chassis of a 2013 Ford F450. This will allow firefighters to respond to fire calls even in heavy weather conditions or hard terrains. The new command vehicle for the fire department is a 2013 Chevy Tahoe, equipped with a laptop computer to obtain firefighting information.

These two new tools are part of the city’s budget through an in-house city vehicle maintenance department. This department enables the city’s fire department to seek assistance with their vehicle maintenance issues through the taxes paid by Edmond taxpayers.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent