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Seven Design Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

19 Apr

Small kitchens may seem like a huge impediment for homeowners who desire larger kitchen spaces because they prohibit them from having the appliances and necessities that they want, and they often end up looking cluttered.  However, even if space is limited, there are still ways to make your kitchen look larger than it is.

Here are seven design tips to follow to make your small kitchen appear bigger:

  • Use of space. Consider the essential usage of your kitchen and determine your needs inside the space.  Do you need a huge freezer and refrigerator or will a regular sized refrigerator with a small freezer on top suffice?  Is a dishwasher necessary or can you settle for manual dishwashing in the kitchen sink?  Do you need an oversized oven or will a regular sized oven do? Identifying these needs will help you buy only the things are essential to your activities and get rid of the unnecessary things that may take up more space in your kitchen.
  • Mirrors and reflective appliances. Mirrors and stainless appliances reflect light and imagery, which creates the  illusion of a larger space. Opt for these materials where possible.
  • Lights and bright colors. Creating the impression of natural lighting can make your kitchen space look bigger. Colors that are cool to the eyes, such as light blue or light green, will make the walls look like they are receding, thus creating an illusion of more space.
  • Open spaces. Closed spaces, such as cabinets with closed doors, can make a room appear narrow.  If you open up the spaces, by replacing solid cabinet doors with glass ones, for example, it will give the impression of more space  Your eyes will be able to pass through spaces more easily because they will flow together.
  • Natural light. Bringing in more natural light can enlarge a small space. Do away with heavy and dark curtains or other window treatments. As much as possible, open your windows or use no curtains at all. If privacy is your issue, cover your window with light-colored sheer treatments.
  • Smaller furnishings and appliances. Instead of the standard big kitchen island in the middle of the room, use a narrow but long table. This will free up more floor space and still give you a functional workstation.  Also, buy smaller appliances, so there is more available free space for cooking or additional appliances.
  • Glass materials. Using glass materials for your cabinet doors and countertops will allow light to bounce around and brighten the room.  If you have a kitchen door, you can even convert it into a glass door, so you can look out to other areas of the house.


Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent