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OKC Astronomy Club Free Star Party For The Public

24 Apr

Those who are fascinated with stars, galaxies and planets now have the chance to see the astronomic wonders with a great view for free at the Star Party on April 28. Hosted by the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club, the Star Party is a free public viewing of the different objects beyond earths atmosphere in celebration of International Astronomy Day.

Since its foundation in 1958, the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club advocates bringing to the public more information concerning the wonders of the universe. Members of the club put forth lots of effort in continually researching worthy information related to astronomy, giving opportunities to amateur members and providing the public with valuable information for education purposes.

Club members also host several star parties each year that will make star-watching a more exciting hobby, including the Star Party this April 28 for the International Astronomy Day. The event will focus on star and planet gazing for the public including astronomical objects such as the plants Saturn, Mars and Venus, as well as different star clusters and galaxies. Members of the club will conduct solar viewing at first through various telescopes before opening the arena for public viewing.

Those who would like to come and experience a wonderful night of watching stars and planets can go to the Windsurfer’s Point on April 28 before dusk. Windsurfer’s Point is located on the northeastern shores of Lake Hefner.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent