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Different Types of Tile Roofing

19 May

Different Types of Tile Roofing

If you’re considering installing a new roof on your home, tile roofing is an option that offers many benefits. Tile roofing comes in a variety of shapes, textures, colors, designs, and thicknesses.

Tile roofs are popular due to their aesthetic appeal and are highly durable as well. They are hardened and molded with heat or chemical reactions, which gives them a tougher resistance to harsh conditions than other types of roofing materials. They are also fireproof.

Here are some different types of tile roofs:

  1. Cement tiles – These are the most lightweight of the tiling materials available. Their color is safe in the sun and won’t fade. ¬†They come in a variety of colors and textures. They can also be cleaned without hiring a professional.
  2. Slate tiles – These are thin pieces of rock, which give a house a natural and refined look. The tiles are crafted out of sedimentary rock, and each piece has its own unique texture and design.
  3. Clay tiles – These types of tiles are attractive, durable, and long lasting, making them one of the most popular choices. The cost of installation may be on the higher side, but the cost averages out considering they require little to no maintenance. Just avoid walking on tile roofs, as they are prone to breaking under high pressure.
  4. Synthetic tiles – Synthetic materials are low cost and also low maintenance. There are various choices and styles to choose from and are a great option if you are wanting to install sub-roofing over an existing roof.
  5. Metal tiles – These offer a more attractive solution to traditional metal roofs. They are a lightweight alternative to the heavier concrete and clay tiles they imitate.

Jennifer Fields
Oklahoma City & Edmond Real Estate Agent