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How to Properly Dispose of Waste from Your Home Construction Project

30 May

OKC Cleanup for Tornado Damages Scheduled Early June

Home renovation projects may require a lot of work from you, and though you probably want to instantly sit down and relax at the end of a day, the work does not stop there. There is a major issue of waste disposal that needs to be tackled, so as not to cause any pollution or threat to the environment.  Renovation projects create a lot of waste, some of which can be toxic or dangerous, so it is important to dispose of it properly and securely.

  • Have containers with lids ready before starting the project. From day one until the day of completion, waste will be generated along the way. So, while you work on your project, you need to have available trash containers to keep everything clean.
  • Learn how to separate waste. Not all of your construction waste should go into a single container. There are items that are biodegradable and others that are not. Also, be aware of hazardous chemicals. When throwing your garbage away, make sure that these items are separated from the rest of the trash, so they can be disposed of via proper safety procedures. Educate yourself about safe waste disposal for special items by researching online or asking a local organization.
  • Hire a hauling company for bigger, bulkier waste. Rend a dumpster and/or have your garbage hauled away instead of leaving it on the ground for several hours or days before your normal garbage collector comes.
  • Clean your home thoroughly after construction. There may be underlying threats inside your house even if you think you have disposed of all of the waste. Double check for nails that may be on the ground, chemicals that are still located within your main living areas, share objects protruding from walls, etc.

Jennifer Fields
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OKC Cleanup for Tornado Damages Scheduled Early June

28 May

OKC Cleanup for Tornado Damages Scheduled Early June

Many homes and properties were damaged by the May 19th and 20th tornadoes. Thousands of OKC metro residents have destroyed homes and were able to salvage only limited things. This tragic event has left a scar in the lives of many Oklahomans who are now struggling to get back on their feet.

To help residents clean up their homes and allow them to recover what they have left, the City of Oklahoma is planning to assist cleanup efforts with residents whose homes have been damaged. The cleanup efforts of the city will commence early June and will go through until the month of July. Cleanup crews will start with the most heavily damaged areas first. The cleanup efforts of the city will help residents pick up the pieces of what they have lost and remove the remains of the destruction that were beyond salvage.

According to the contractors of the city, homeowners with destroyed homes will need to sign a right-of-entry agreement before the contractors can start clearing their properties. For homes that have hired a private contractor, they can move their debris to the curb, which will then be picked up by the city contractors free of cost.

Homes with hazardous waste will have to separate these threatening wastes from other debris at which point they can also be placed curbside for removal.

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Decorating Ideas for the Budget-Minded

23 May

Decorating Ideas for the Budget-Minded

Would you like to redecorate your home, but just don’t have the right budget for it?  This is a major dilemma that many homeowners face because home redecorating can be a fun and creative task, but it also requires a certain amount of money.  And, unfortunately, there’s not always a lot of extra cash lying around.

The good news is that there are a lot of decorating ideas that require very little spending.  By setting a budget and sticking to it, doing some of the tasks yourself, and finding the right kind of help, you can achieve the look and feel you want without emptying your wallet.

Below are some useful and budget-friendly decorating ideas:

  • Repaint your cabinets. You don’t need to change your cabinet materials in order to change the look of your kitchen.  If you’re wanting something new and different, start by repainting your cabinets. It is an inexpensive way to make a big difference.
  • Reuse old items at home. Don’t have a new towel rack? Try using old ladders instead. Wanting a new dining tray? Use your old mirrors or frames. There are a lot of creative ideas you can come up with if you simply search through your old things. By repurposing different items, you wind up with new things without spending a cent.
  • Have a redecorating party. Make it fun by having your friends and family come oer to help you redecorate. They may even chip in a few good ideas or have tools you can use. Add some snacks, and it will be a guaranteed good time.
  • Do your own sewing You can create a lot of colorful patterns for your pillow cases, table runners, and rugs if you do your own sewing. Gather old clothes or rugs and stitch them together in a beautiful pattern. There will be no need to buy new pillowcases.
  • Bring in something from outside. A tall plant in the corner can transform a plain wall. Freshly-picked flowers on your kitchen counter, coffee table, or dining table add a beautiful touch.  Plants add more color and warmth to a room, so use them when you can.
  • Add DIY embellishments. Change the look of your lampshade by adding beading or fringe.  You can use the same approach with your bedroom cabinets, bulletin boards, and side tables.
  • Change your furniture hardware. Even a tiny change in your door knob can create a new look. Would you rather not spend money on your hardware? Try using second-hand items from friends or neighbors. Just make sure that they function well and are tightly secured.

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Unemployment Rate in Oklahoma, Lower than National Rate

21 May

Unemployment Rate in Oklahoma, Lower than National Rate

Employment is an important topic, not just for individuals but also for the economy at large. With the majority of people working and having a stable job, more people have the capacity to spend with businesses and the economy benefitting from the trend. Therefore, it is important to have a lower unemployment rate in the state.

In the recent unemployment rate report, Oklahoma has earned one of the better rates in the country. Its unemployment rate has, and continues to dip below less than 5% for the month of April. The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission reported that the state had decreased its rate of unemployment from last month with a rate of 4.9%. A one-tenth of a percentage point was reduced with previous rates within the flat 5%.

The commission further indicates that the rate for Oklahoma unemployment is much lower than  that of other states. Based on the report, Oklahoma’s 4.9% is lower than the national average rate of 7.5%.

What reduced the unemployment rate is the increase in the employment in several job sectors. Non-farm employment rose by 1,800, while professional and business sector earned an increase of 1,300 jobs. Though leisure and hospitality sector dropped its employment rate by 2,000, this sector still shown to be one of the highest increasing sectors in employment by 5,900 jobs between April 2012 and April 2013.

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Useful Tips for Proper Ironing

20 May

Useful Tips for Proper Ironing

Ironing clothes is nobody’s favorite chore. It can take a long time to complete and can become quite tedious.  But, if there are times when your clothes have to be perfect and free of wrinkles, here are a few tips to make it a faster and hassle-free:

  • Have hangers ready nearby, so it reduces the time needed to go back and forth when you’re hanging pressed clothes. Use a rolling towel rack to hang your clothes so it is easier to move them from one room to another.
  • Before you begin, sort out all your clothes and place them in order of what needs to go first.  Remember to start with clothes that require the lowest temperature first and then gradually move up to clothes that require the highest temperature. That way, you can avoid making marks on thinner fabrics.
  • Do the ironing on the inside of the clothes first. Then, do the outside. This will avoid creating a sheen on the fabrics.
  • Keep your shirts from wrinkling by hanging them immediately after ironing. Make sure to close the buttons of your shirt as well.
  • Double the heat of the iron to cut the time in half. Insert aluminum foil under your ironing board cover, as it will reflect the heat coming from the iron. This will iron both sides simultaneously, even though you are technically only ironing one. Not only will it reduce time, it will also save more energy.
  • Maintain a longer lifespan of your clothes by ironing them lengthwise. Never iron in circular strokes, as it will only stretch the fabric and will easily damage your clothes.
  • Clean your iron every time, so no dirt or deposits can set in and become embedded in the clothing.

Jennifer Fields
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Benefits of Using a Good Rainwater Harvesting System

16 May

Benefits of Using a Good Rainwater Harvesting System

With the scarcity of water in most areas, it is important not to waste it, and many homes are trying to save as much water as possible.

One way to save water is to harvest and store rain water. Many homeowners are using rainwater harvesting systems to catch rain water and store it in holding tanks. This gives them ample resources to use for outdoor irrigation or even in their daily chores.

How does a rainwater harvesting system work?

An effective rainwater harvesting system has special equipment to catch natural rain and transfer it to a bigger tank. Pipes are then connected from the tank to sinks and faucets. Right now, there are a number of good rainwater harvesting systems that fit different needs. You can choose from different sizes of tanks, as well as how the rain is harvested.

A primary benefit of harvesting and storing rainwater is to save energy and water costs. Most homes that use traditional means of storing water in their indoor tanks use electrical pumps, which increase their energy costs. Others use municipal water, and the more they use, the higher their bill becomes.

Harvesting rainwater decreases energy usage and water costs because rain is free. All you have to do is catch rain and store it in your own water tank, and you can have enough water to use for cleaning your house or watering your plants. Although you must invest in the initial system, you still save money in the long run.

A nice benefit of harvesting rainwater is to have cleaner water for your plants. If you have a large garden, you can use rainwater to water your plants, which provides them with a lot of natural nutrients. Rainwater is also cleaner than municipal water because it is not chlorinated.

Storing rainwater also helps to reduce flooding within your area. Water does not go directly down your drain and therefore does not contribute to clogged water flow. In addition, you begin to practice better water conservation, which is an important lifestyle habit to develop because it helps the environment by preserving other natural water sources.

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OKC Police Department Exhibit Opens at “Oklahoma City! Sooner or Later…”

14 May


The “Oklahoma City! Sooner or Later…” exhibit features the rich history of Oklahoma City from 1890 to the present through photos and documents that highlight events that have occurred over the past 122 years. The first installment of the exhibit opened in 2011 and focused on various aspects of the city government and fire department and how they have developed over the years.

Now, the second installment is ready for public viewing and will be launching on Monday on the second floor of City Hall, located at 200 N. Walker. The exhibit will be open for public viewing Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It will be a year-round exhibit that will be enjoyable for both Oklahoma residents and tourists alike.

The second installment of “Oklahoma City! Sooner or Later…” highlights the history of the Oklahoma City Police Department. Visitors will enjoy viewing photos all the way from 1890 to the present and will learn how the department has evolved. Historical items, documents, and texts will describe the various events and changes that the city’s police force has experienced over time.

Funding for the installment was obtained through grants provided by the Oklahoma Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The grants were also matched by the City of Oklahoma, in partnership with the Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma Publishing Company, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, and Retro Metro OKC.

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